Anyone with pets wants to give them the best possible. Pets become family over time, sometimes to the extent of taking over your beds!

Like humans, animals also require certain products to keep them healthy, happy and stimulated. From their coat and nails to their toys, your pets too need products to keep them feeling and looking great.

Ever wonder what grooming products are necessary for your pets? We’ve compiled a list:

Bath Hand Glove

Even if your pet loves a bath, everyone likes a hand with the process. A bath hand glove makes bath time for your pet easy beyond belief. This is an easy way of giving a gentle massage and removing dead hairs while bathing your pet.

Here are some accessories for pets that they will absolutely love!

Brushes and Combs

The variety of brushes and combs are available for your pets are no less than the amount available for your own hair. The most important thing to consider whilst buying a comb or brush for your pet is their breed and size.

A double-sided brush proves helpful as it makes brushing your pet’s hair easier. Detangle using one side, and brush using the other. Combs targeting fleas can be bought to help your animals fight off bugs.

Another kind of brush you can look for is a slicker brush. It can be used on wet hair and is most suitable for animals with long hair that is prone to getting tangled.


No matter how much you love your pet, getting a whiff of them when they’re smelly is never pleasant. Deodorisers help your animals smell fresher than ever. These deodorants are made with natural ingredients like neem, aloe vera etc. to make sure your pet’s skin does not come in contact with harmful chemicals and odour is removed naturally.

Mouth Freshener

Do you want to cuddle your pet but dislike being able to smell their last meal? Herbal mouth fresheners with ingredients like neem to fight the smell and oral infections will change your relationship with your pets!

Tick Solutions

Help your pets fight their worst enemies. Bugs and ticks can make your pets very uneasy and irritable. Use tick solutions to give them relief and keep their skin healthy. Tick solution is available in the form of soaps, collars, powder and sprays.


Don’t forget the ears! Your pets may be good groomers, but they need your help cleaning their ears too. Use gentle wipes with pleasant formulas to give your pets the best.

Nail Clippers and Nail Files

Pets feels uncomfortable if their nails are long and unkempt. Treat them to paw-dicures regularly. Their nails need special nail files and clippers. These are available in various sizes and strengths to suit your pet, their breed and their size.

Shampoos and Conditioners

Like humans, animals don’t like to compromise with how they present themselves. Not even when it comes to their hair. Pets enjoy these gentle products that range from antibacterial shampoo to extra conditioning hair products. These products target flea and tick removal, fur disinfection, coat colour enhancement and other areas.

If you have a dog, do check out these best shampoos for dogs in India.

Dry Bathing Products

Now bathe your pet, anytime, anywhere! Spray them with these dry bathing products to freshen them up no matter where you are. Dog needs some more tender, loving care. Learn about grooming products for dogs to give them the best you can.

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