Guava during Pregnancy: 10 Health Benefits You Should Know

Guava is safe to be consumed in all stages of pregnancy. It contains many vital nutrients for you and your baby. However, make sure that you only consume a ripe, peeled guava during pregnancy. Also, its intake should be in small amounts to make the most of its health benefits and avoid any health risks.

Here are 10 health benefits of eating guava during pregnancy

1. Regulates blood sugar levels

Gestational diabetes is a common occurrence around the 24th week of pregnancy. Guava helps in controlling blood sugar levels and thus prevents gestational diabetes.

2. Prevents haemorrhoids and constipation

Guavas being rich in fibre play a prominent role in preventing these common conditions of constipation and haemorrhoids during pregnancy.

3. Prevents stress

Stress during pregnancy releases cortisol, which can prove to be detrimental for the mother as well as the baby. The high magnesium content in guavas helps relax nerves and muscles. It thus, keeps your mind calm and prevents stress.

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4. Prevents morning sickness

Being rich in Vitamin C, guava helps in curbing nausea. Eating it without its seeds and along with buttermilk helps stabilize your stomach and prevents vomiting.

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5. Controls cholesterol

The fibre content in guava prevents the risk of cardiovascular diseases by controlling the cholesterol levels of the mother.

6. Prevents anaemia

To keep the haemoglobin levels in check, guava contains a sufficient amount of iron to prevent anaemia in expecting mothers.

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7. Prevents infections

Guavas have rich antioxidant properties owing to their vitamin C, E, carotenoids, isoflavonoids, and polyphenols content. They prevent the attack of germs and thus keeps the pregnant mother free from infections.

8. Improves eyesight

Due to its rich Vitamin A content, guavas are highly favoured to improve the eyesight of the mother as well as the baby.

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9. Aids the development of the baby’s nervous system

The folic acid and Vitamin B9 content help in the development of the brain and the nervous system of the baby.

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10. Improves digestion

Sufficient intake of guava helps in relieving heartburn, acidity nausea, and other gastric issues.

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