Hair loss is an issue that affects both genders – be it males or females. Although male baldness is more common, young girls and women too are battling hair fall because of stress, pollution and the harsh heat. Have you ever stopped to wonder what might be causing your hair fall? It could be your lifestyle, genetic or even just the climate. Here are a few reasons we’ve listed down to help you better understand what leads to hair fall.

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Factors that Cause Hair Fall and Damage

  • Lack of nourishment or deficiency of Vitamin B, Vitamin D and Iron.
  • Merciless tugging and pulling of hair and using tight rubber bands or hair clips.
  • Wrong food habits; be it crash diets or foods that provide zero nutrition.
  • Change in temperatures especially rains and winter, making hair too frizzy and dry.
  • Regular use of blow dryer weakens the hair and makes it dry
  • Using warm water to wash your hair.
  • Smoking is considered to be the major cause of hair loss.
  • Chronic emotional stress
  • Hair Treatments and Hair Colouring
  • Applying Henna without oil, egg or curd makes your scalp dry.
  • Medical reasons like Hypothyroidism and diabetes.
  • Shampoos also can be a major cause of hair fall. It contains harmful chemicals in turn making your hair worse rather than nourishing them.

Watch this video to know more about why your hair is falling.

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