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Every one of us experiences and live a different lifestyle, a lifestyle of our own is what makes us live life comfortably and happy. Some of us like the coziness while some like the professional workaholic-ness. No matter what your lifestyle choice is you need perfect footwear to get through all the walks of life. For today’s fast-paced rough life you need ruff and tuff footwear to run right through all the adventures and hardships.

Flipkart offers an amazing range of shoes that are made to help you cross the ruff and tuff moments throughout the day. Following are some of the handpicked shoes for ruff and tuff use that you can grab from Flipkart;

Manslam Safety Shoes Steel Toe Outdoors For Men:

These are one of the toughest made shoes on the market with steel tips for advanced toughness and the sole is also blended with metal to provide extra rigidity. Best for regular hikers or even the factory workers who work in close proximity with hard materials. They cost about Rs. 754 but using Flipkart coupons you can get amazing discounts on them.

Reedass Running Sports Shoe:

These are a perfect example of tough modern sports shoes for men. Best for running, hiking or anything outdoors that requires hardcore footwork. It only comes in Navy Blue color and is available in only 1 size for Rs. 1,069 which you can order and get delivered to your doorstep at great discounts by availing Flipkart coupon codes.

Knoos RUFF-TUFF LEATHER Outdoors For Men:

These are amongst to most trending, loved and popular ones by men today. For the ultimate toughness that they provide at just Rs. 900. You get these in 2 colors mainly in Black and Tan Brown which both look amazing in any size. You can get these delivered to your doorstep for free by using Flipkart promo codes while ordering from Flipkart.

These are some of the best ruff-tuff shoes on Flipkart, handpicked for you by our experts to help you get the best for your rough and tough lifestyle and make it a tad bit easier. Don’t forget to check out CashKaro for Flipkart offers today special offer and make your online shopping easier, cheaper and fun.

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