Have The Best Birthday Bash At These Cafes In Pune

best places on swiggy to celebrate birthdays

Most of us don’t require an occasion to celebrate. But birthdays are as good an excuse as any. Of late, one of the most frequent haunts, especially during birthdays are cafes. They give amazing photo ops as well as serve some really good food.

Here are some of the top cafes available in Pune where you can party well for your birthdays.

Cafe Momos

Are you a fan of those small pockets of joy. This cafe has nothing but momos and drinks on their menu. This is the perfect place for a quick birthday lunch with your friends. You won’t go over budget either at this place. Use Swiggy coupons and Swiggy coupon codes to get even better deals.

What to get: Veg Crispy Momos, Chicken Schezwan Momos

The Cake Studio & Cafe

What is the one traditional food that is had all over the world for birthdays? Cakes of course. This cafe serves up the best of both worlds. You can get really good Asian and continental food, as well as delicious cakes. Buy it all with Swiggy offers and Swiggy promo codes. and get big cash back.

What to get: Dutch Truffle Pastry, Hakka Noodles

Naughty Angel Cafe

Want a really good ambience at your place of dining. Angle Cafe is the place for it. You can munch on super delicious continental food with all your friends here. Use CashKaro’s Swiggy coupon codes to get some big discounts on your orders.

What to get: Garlic Bread with Cheese, Chicken and Mushroom Crepe

Cafe Choco Craze

The biggest problem with chocolate is that there isn’t any. It’s loved by all and tastes so good that it becomes so hard to stop eating. This cafe has some really good eats as well as extremely chocolaty food for you to eat. Order now with Swiggy promo codes

What to get: Tandoori Burger, Hazelnut Choco Lick

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