Have You Forgotten These Celeb Scandals of Bollywood?

Bollwood Celebs

We may be raising eyebrows these days over Kangana and Karan’s nepotism comments and even smugged at Kapil Sharma’s brawl with Sunil Grover, but celeb scandals are not new. From leaked MMSs to casting couch, B-town’s shimmering image has had been tinted with controversies every now and then. Here are 7 tantalizing stories from B-town that made the biggest headlines but for all the wrong reasons!

A Call Between Amar Singh and Bipasha Basu

A controversial audio recording of a conversation between the model-turned-actress and the BJP politician surfaced in 2006 when Bips was a rising star. The nature of the conversation was lewd and enraged the actress to the extent that she threatened legal action to the perpetrators.


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