Have You Seen The New Pizza Hut Ad? Bhuvan Bam Is In It!

What’s a dish that everyone likes? A crowdpleaser? Pizza of course. Pizza is the perfect party dish, the best for when you’re not in the mood to cook. Plus, when you can get it for Rs. 99, who would say no?

A person’s love for pizza is basically endless. Whenever you’re out of options, you’d keep coming back to the delectable cheesy goodness that makes Pizza. It is simply the perfect dish and can conform to suit anyone’s taste. You can play around with the topping, sauces and even the types of bases.

But you don’t need to be told this. You probably already know. Pizza Hut has been around in India since 1996 and over the years, the transformations have been endless. With today’s more Indianised pizza sauces and toppings, there is something for everyone.

Pizza Hut’s New Campaign:

‘Pizza Hut Javenge, 99 Mein Khavenge’ is the current talk of the town. The ad, featuring Bhuvan Bam can only be described as perfect for the message. It touches on some old sentiments like ‘Mario’ and makes the viewers crave for pizza. The dance movements are also extremely catchy. And to top it all off, Bhuvan Bam is in it!

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Another interesting point to the ad – it shows BB getting through extreme scenarios to finally reach Pizza Hut. I mean, there is truth in that isn’t there. We’ve all done it, don’t deny it. So show up to the nearest Pizza Hut and hand them your Rs.99 note (figuratively) and enjoy the feeling of home Pizza manages to give you.

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