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Indian IT services provider HCL Technologies has bought its German rival H&D International Group. This move would enhance HCL’s capabilities in servicing the automotive industry in countries like the USA and Europe.

A number of reports have suggested that HCL Technologies has bought the German company for US $ 34.7 million.

H&D is Germany’s largest IT service providers in the auto segment. Top German auto companies like the Volkswagen are believed to be its customers. The company services companies in more than 20 countries across the world. IT infrastructure and application services are H&D’s forte with expertise in SAP, computer aided technologies, engineering services as well as consumer-oriented product development.

Ashish Gupta, Vice President of HCL has stated that “Germany is a critical market for HCL as we continue to expand our business in Europe. We feel the German market is at an inflection point and it is the right time for HCL to expand and make significant investments here,”


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