‘Fruit of the angels’

                                                   Christopher Columbus

Isn’t it interesting to know that you can lose weight by consuming papayas? Papaya is rich in Vitamin C which helps break stored fat in the adipose tissue. Not only that, it also aids in digestion which is great news for those suffering from constipation. This orange coloured juicy fruit was referred to as ‘Fruit of the angels’ by Christopher Columbus.

Being rich in several vitamins and minerals, Papaya is essential for normal functioning of the body. For those who are concerned about how this fruit tastes, papaya is a luscious fruit having a sweet taste.  and a sunlit colour.  Papaya has a multitude of benefits that can prevent and cure several diseases. According to a study in IOSR Journal and Pharmacy of Biological Sciences, Papaya is a rich source of healthy carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals which are vital for the body.

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Interesting Facts About Papaya Fruit

  • Papaya (papaw or pawpaw) is a fruit of the plant Carica papaya which is one of the 22 species in the genus Carica of the family Caricaceae
  • It is native to tropical regions like Central America, Southern Mexico and the tropics of America
  • The black seeds of papaya are edible and taste like black pepper. In most of the states in India and abroad, Papaya seeds are used for cooking purposes
  • Papaya tree is 20-foot-tall, and its fruits can weigh from 1 to 20 pounds

Health Benefits and Uses of Papaya

1. Lowers Cholesterol

Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants, Vitamin C and dietary fiber that helps reduce cholesterol levels in your arteries. It also prevents the formation of cholesterol and several other diseases like strokes, heart attacks and hypertension. According to a study in Indonesian Journal of Cancer Chemoprevention in the year 2012 states that papaya improves blood cholesterol profiles and bone density.

How to Use: Make a papaya smoothie and add salt and black pepper to taste. To give it a twist, you can add Chia seeds or flax seeds which are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids that improve your heart strength.

2. Aids in Digestion  

Papaya contains a digestive enzyme called papain as well as dietary fiber that helps improve your digestion. It also helps regulate your bowel movements. It is rich in Vitamin C that helps break down food in an easily digestible form. According to a study in The Journal of Medicinal Plant Studies in the year 2013, Papaya contains an enzyme papain that helps in the digestion of proteins in your body.

How to Use: Take fresh Papaya and slice it. Extract its juice in a mixer and add black salt to taste. You’re done! Remain constipation free your entire life.

3. Helps in Weight Loss

Papaya is low in calories but makes you feel fuller and generates a feeling of satiation. It contains dietary fiber which regulates your bowel movements which is the first step to your fitness regime. According to a study in The Journal of Pharmacognosy and Phytochemistry in the year 2016, papaya is rich in the enzyme Papain and other photochemical components that aid digestion.  Regulated digestion is a key to faster and effective weight loss.

How to Use: Have a bowl of Papaya sliced into halves per day to regulate your bowel movements and keep your digestive system healthy. You can make a fruit salad after an hour of your breakfast and bid adieu to those hunger pangs!

4. Prevents the Occurrence of Cancer

Papaya is rich in anti-oxidants, phytonutrients and flavonoids that protects your body cells from free radical damage. According to a study in The Journal of Cancer Metastasis and Treatment, papaya contains papain which is helpful in cancer prevention.

How to Use: Have Papaya cut into slices daily 2 hours post your breakfast to prevent the formation of free radicals in your body. A bowl of papaya everyday keeps cancer away!

5. Improves Vision

Papaya is rich in vitamins like A, C, and E which help improve vision and strengthen eyesight. It also prevents diseases like cataract and night blindness. According to a study in IOSR Journal and Pharmacy of Biological Sciences in the year 2013, papaya is rich in vitamins that help improve your eyesight.

How to Use: A freshly prepared glass of papaya smoothie can provide a plethora of benefits. If you do not want to drink the same smoothie every day, use the orange zest with papaya which is going to help improve your vision and provide a refreshing feeling. Say bye to your specs!

6. Prevents Diabetes

Papaya contains a low-glycemic index and is also a perfect alternative for people who are suffering from diabetes. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that prevent the occurrence of diabetes in a human body. According to a study in The Journal of Nutritional Health and Food Engineering, green papaya is a potential source of healing diabetes and promotes diabetic-wound healing at a faster rate.

How to Use: You can make a spinach-Papaya salad to prevent diabetes and control insulin resistance. You can also season spinach leaves over your Papaya fruit salad and have it after 2 hours of your breakfast.

7. Prevents Signs of Ageing on Your Skin

Papaya is rich in Vitamin E content which prevents the formation of free radicals in your skin. It also rejuvenates your skin preventing early skin ageing and reduce the appearance of fine lines. According to a 2017 study in The Pharma Innovation Journal in the year, papaya peel has a nutritional value that helps your skin remove dirt and prevent premature skin ageing.

How to Use: Prepare a Papaya face pack. Add lemon to the papaya face pack and leave it for 10-15 minutes on your skin. Wash it off with warm water to get a refreshed skin.

8. Helps Reduce Stress

Papaya contains anti-oxidants which help reduce the formation of stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline. Presence of vitamin E calms your brain and keeps stress at bay. According to a study in The University of Alabama,200 gm of Vitamin E in the human body regulates the formation of stress hormones in your brain.

9. Protects against Arthritis

Papaya possesses anti-inflammatory properties and has vitamin C that helps protect against Arthritis. According to a 2012 study in The Indonesian Journal of Cancer chemoprevention in the year 2012, papaya improves bone density and offers protection from Arthritis.

10. Boosts Immunity

Papaya contains an abundance of vitamins, minerals and phytonutrients which gives a good boost to your immunity. According to a 2016 study in The Journal of Immunotoxicology, papaya has anti-inflammatory properties and phytonutrients that help fight common infections.

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Nutritional Value of Papaya

Nutrition Type Value
Calories 54.6 cal
Carbohydrates 50.6 mg
Vitamin C 86.5 mg
Vitamin E 1 mg
Vitamin K 3.6 mcg
Calcium 33.6 mg
Magnesium 14 mg
Potassium 360 mg
Sodium 4.2 mg
Omega-3 fatty acid 35 mg


Source: IOSR Journal and Pharmacy of Biological Sciences

Papaya has anti-inflammatory properties and anti-oxidants that help prevent several other diseases. The presence of vitamin E soothes your skin and reduces acne marks. It also treats macular degeneration and strengthens your eye muscles. Consumption of green un-ripe papaya helps regulate menstruation in women.

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Risks While Consuming Papaya

Papaya is 100% natural and it does not possess any potential risks or harm to your body. However, keep the following things in mind before beginning to consume Papaya on a regular basis:

  • A pregnant woman should avoid the consumption of Papaya as it has latex which can cause uterine contractions that might lead to a miscarriage of the unborn baby.
  • If you suffer from gastric issues, you should avoid over-consumption of papaya as it has laxative effects that can cause loose motions.

How to Consume Papaya

Confused on how to select the best papaya in the market? Elongated papaya fruit reaps more benefits than the round ones. You should avoid buying overly soft papaya with bruises all over. Buy green papayas if you wish to cook them, as raw green papaya is not edible. You can ripen the yellow papaya by wrapping it in a paper at the room temperature. Refrigerate the orange and ripe papaya and consume it within 2-3 days of purchase.

  • If you’re finicky about taste, you can sprinkle some lemon juice and honey on your papaya fruit salad for a perfect evening snack.
  • Add papaya to your mid-day meal to improve your metabolism
  • Cook green papaya to cleanse your colon from toxic substances
  • You can have dried black seeds of papaya that help fight bacterial infections and treat food poisoning

Some Facts About Papaya

  • Papaya national month is celebrated in September throughout the world
  • The white powder sold as ‘Meat Tenderizer’ is composed mainly of papain, an important enzyme found in abundance in Papaya
  • A small papaya contains about 300% of the recommended daily amount of Vitamin C
  • Papaya mixed tea is consumed in some of the countries to cure Malaria
  • The papaya plant was introduced in Hawaii in the early 1800s
  • There are two types of Papaya breeds with same benefits namely ‘Hawaiian’ and ‘Mexican’


The benefits of Papaya fruit make it clear that you can have a small bowl of papaya and say goodbye to various diseases and even minimize the chances of their occurrence. The positive impact on your health will make consuming papaya a daily routine. Feeling hungry? Go, grab a papaya!

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