Here’S How Firstcry Offers A Fun Learning Experience For Your Kids!

Nobody is born smart, as it’s the learning and the experience gained by anyone during his/her childhood which decides how a child grows up to be. So it’s better to start your kid’s learning experience a little early to give a head start for a better future. FirstCry offers a range of toys for your little bundle of joys that can be bought at affordable prices using FirstCry coupons listed on CashKaro!

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Shape Sorter Set

The first step toward learning for any kid is understanding the elementary shapes. These toys are specially designed to make kids aware of shapes and spacing and are made from good quality non-toxic materials that are big enough so your kid doesn’t accidentally swallow them. So get them for your lil one and make their play time fun and educational!

Magnetic Letters and Numbers

After basic elementary shapes, the next step is recognizing letters and numbers. To help your kids learn all the alphabets and numerals, FirstCry offers several colourful sets of letters and numbers which can stick on metallic surfaces which will ensure that they don’t lose them while playing.

Educational Abacus

Abacus are great when it comes to growth of the brain as you can teach your kids basic addition and subtraction using colorful beads built into a durable wooden frame. So boost your child’s brain by getting him a good quality abacus from FirstCry right now!

Learning Clock

Time is money, so it’s important to manage it well and thus, it’s necessary to teach kids how to tell time. To help you with this FirstCry offers a large variety of Learning Clocks made from the best quality materials and they don’t cost a bomb! So get one for your kid and teach them to value time!

Smart Education Tablet

The Smart Tablet is equipped with everything that your child will need to enjoy while learning stuff! There are a variety of songs, tunes, phrases and sounds for the proper development of your child’s brain. The smart stage technology provides an exciting new way to present content as the kid grows and learns new things.

So get your kid off to a great start with the toys mentioned above and make their learning experience fun as well as affordable using the numerous FirstCry coupons available on CashKaro to get cashback and discounts!

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