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The most versatile material beaten and shaped into the perfect denim pants are a dream to wear. When you find the right size, that joy is unknown! Jeans can be paired with just about anything and you can make an outfit out of it. Additionally, jeans are probably the only clothing article that men have more options than women.

They also come in many styles, each which came into popularity with the changing decades. For example, in the ’80s Acid Wash jeans were extremely popular. If you go back 20 years, to the ’60s the ‘in-thing’ were bell-bottom pants. All this and more Myntra has. Further, if you use CashKaro’s Myntra coupons, you can buy the usually expensive pants for cheaper rates.

Here are some of the popular styles of today that are available on the website for men.

HIGHLANDER – Men Blue Tapered Fit Mid-Rise Mildly Distressed Stretchable Jeans

We’re really living in the era of ripped and distressed jeans. If you look in a millennial’s closet, odds are that you’ll find at least one distressed pant. Giving the wearer a quirky look, ripped jeans have really made their rounds around the world. Get your pair, (next pair probably), using Myntra coupon codes.

Ecko Unltd – Men Blue Slim Tapered Fit Mid-Rise Applique Ankle-Length Jeans

It’s extremely common to find appliques on jeans these days. This is a way a person exhibits their personal style and creativity. It definitely takes a lot to pull of denim with appliques. Try you shot and get your applique jeans with Myntra offers.

WROGN – Men Blue Jogger Mid-Rise Clean Look Stretchable Jeans

Combine track pants and jeans and you get joggers. Made with stretchable material, joggers will give you the comfort of tracks while also the formality of jeans. You get the price of two for one! But with CashKaro’s incredible cash backs and Myntra coupons, you can get it for the price of half!

Next – Men Black Bootcut Mid-Rise Clean Look Jeans

The simple, no-nonsense type of jeans is what this is. It is perfect to wear with all types of top-wear and you can style it as you please. Get it now with Myntra discount coupons.

HERE&NOW – Men Black Slim Fit High-Rise Clean Look Stretchable Cropped Jeans

Falling short just at your ankle, this pair is high-rise but other than that, pretty similar to your normal denim pants. This particular pair has zero fading and offers a very clean look. Buy it now with Myntra coupon codes.

Roadster – Men Black Skinny Fit Mid-Rise Clean Look Stretchable Jeans

No one ever went awry with some skinny fit jeans. They are simple and don’t require much thought when you’re styling it. This pair is a full black, no fade pant that will go well with any top-wear you choose to pair with it. It is a must-have in everyone’s closet. Get it on Myntra now using Myntra discount coupons.

CashKaro has a lot more Myntra offers in store for you on their website. Check out their page now!

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