Here Are Some Sneaky Ways To Increase Your Storage Space

With the Indian hoarding tendency, it is actually a wonder that we all don’t own/rent another house just to hold our belongings. But with a few simple tips and tricks, there are some easy and efficient ways to increase your storage space. You don’t even need to buy storage units if you follow our advice. Read our blog to find out some sneaky ways to increase your storage space.

Storage Ottomans

Ottomans are perfect for if you want to sprawl out on your chain and want a place to rest your legs. They can also double-in as a quirky and small centre table if you’re in a crunch. But one of the biggest virtues of an ottoman is that most of them come with storage space underneath. The space is perfect to store some things from your linen closet. Use Pepperfry coupons from CashKaro to buy yours now!

Storage Beds

This is a trick that a lot of us are familiar with. Beds with storage space underneath are extremely common and very practical. They can store all your bedsheets and even your clothes if you need it to. There is usually quite a bit of space and shelves available in a storage bed. Just make sure you don’t have furniture that will stop you from using it. Buy yours now with Pepperfry offers and save!

Over the Door Racks

Over the Door Racks are one of the sneakiest ways to give yourself some additional storage. You can hand it over your door AND close the door, giving yourself the most effective way to increase storage space. You can easily put it in your utility closet and stick some bottles and whatnots in there. Use Pepperfry coupon codes to buy and avail cashback!


Trunks are a bit old-fashioned, but if vintage is your style then trunks are the way to go. These can hang out at the end of your bed, or you can put it near a window and they will act as both a seating solution as well as a storage solution. It the perfectly sized to hold pillows and bedsheets. Buy yours now using Pepperfry discount coupons and save!

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