Here Are The Essentials You’ll Need For Your Newborn’s Diaper Bag

If you’re a parent, you know that you need to keep your diaper bag ready at all times. You may need to head out urgently, and it just doesn’t help if you’re sitting and packing your bag right then. There’s also a high chance that you leave something out. To avoid that we’ve put together a checklist of the essentials that need to go in.

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I mean, it can’t be a diaper bag without diapers in it, right? Whatever form of nappies you choose to carry, make sure there are multiples of it, because you can never say what’s ‘too much’. Use Firstcry coupons to stock up on diapers.

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Diaper Rash Cream

Some babies tend to have very sensitive skin which does not take too well to diapers. Even if your baby is not like that, it’s always good to have some diaper rash cream on hand. The soothing formula will really help take a lot of pain from your baby. Buy it now using Firstcry promo codes.

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Baby Wipes

From cleaning up the result of dirty diapers to even just wiping hands, or cleaning up messy meals, Baby Wipes really come in useful in a lot of scenarios. Buy the softest wipes to protect your baby’s soft skin. With Firstcry coupon codes, you can stock up on your wipes.

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A blanket is a really versatile piece of fabric that can be put to many uses. Do you need a diaper changing pad? Use your blanket, do you need a swaddle? A blanket can do the trick. It can also be a protective layer for your baby from harsh climates.

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Change of Clothes

Babies tend to have this thing called blowouts where poop gets everywhere and everything becomes a mess. In such circumstances, you’ll always be needing a change of clothes. Make sure to carry at least one or two extra sets with you. Buy it with Firstcrry today offers on clothes to save.

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