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Whether you live in a hostel, as a paid guest or in your apartment, there are some things you can’t really live without. And that is some basic groceries and household products like cleaners. That being said, the next question that pops up is “where do we go to buy it?” For a lot of us, the supermarket is not the best options because of reasons of laziness or because of time constraints. The next best choice? Grofers of course.

Grofers allows you to buy fresh fruits and vegetable online as well as all your other household products. Spend a mere five minutes on your shopping and let the company worry about the rest. Grofers also happens to be the largest low price online supermarket in India, which furthers our cause of savings. To add on to that, you can use Grofers promo codes from CashKaro to get even more cashback.

Grofers has this policy called Grofers Cash which is your cashless method of transacting on Grofers. This is the account that any of your refunded money will go into. You can use the money in this account to shop subsequently on the website for your essentials. But there’s something even better! The Grofers Orange Cash!

What is this you ask? This is the money received as cashback on your purchase during the GOBD (Grand Orange Bag Days). This is the epitome of savings on Grofers. The cashback will be credited in your Grofers Cash account. Other than the GOBD sale, there are also other ways to earn Orange cash.

Head to Grofers now and look for Grofers coupons which will earn you Orange Cash. The benefits of this you ask? Here they are:

  • You can win Cars, Washing Machines, Activas, Mobile Phones, Pizza Hut promo codes and Uber coupon codes.
  • With Orange Cash in your account, you can avail 10% off every order.
  • When you shop during the sale period, you will receive 100% cashback. This essentially means you get your groceries for free!

These are foolproof ways to save on your Grocery purchases. Do you know an even better way? It’s by using CashKaro’s Grofers offers! Head to our website now to check out all the Grofers coupons and receive cashback through your CashKaro account!

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