Saptahik Bartaman is a Bengali magazine about news, politics and general day-to-day features.
This magazine is released weekly and is published by Bartaman Pvt. Ltd.

Here is some interesting trivia about Saptahik Bartaman!

  • It had a circulation of 1,48,378 since January to June, 2011.
  • Initially the publisher only focused on newspaper Bartaman founded by ‘Barun Sengupta’ before launching the magazine edition.
  • It is quite popular in Kolkata and captivates its audience with a plethora of general topics on health, career tips, home commodities, fashions tips, interviews column, sports corner, articles on spiritual monuments and many more genres.
  • Digitized version of this magazine is also available where you get inspiring advice in an uncluttered environment.

Go grab this magazine from Kolkata and dive into Bengal’s news and culture. Different brands advertise their wares on the magazine portal.  You may find something that you would catch your fancy, perhaps a pair of high-end shoes or a glittering jewel.

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