Termed as Chai Tea by the western tea makers, the traditional chai (Hindi for tea) has been the morning beverage for South Asian countries since a very long time. It is a perfect blend of spice, sweet and sometimes milky. Various formulas and recipes have given the Chai a lot of forms.

 Facts And Benefits Of Chai

  • The origins of chai date back to more than 5000 years.
  • Different flavours of chai can be obtained depending on the sweet and spices that are added during the preparation.
  • Milk has been an important ingredient of chai; however it is not necessary.
  • Spices and herbs such as Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, Fennel, Clove and Black Pepper are added to Chai for various uses and flavors.
  • Chai can act as an antioxidant and can help in ensuring healthy digestion.
  • The western countries are quickly adapting to chai and have named it Chai tea, only to differentiate from their regular tea.
  • Chai is also known to calm the mind; no wonder people always look for chai to break free from the daily stress!

You have been drinking chai for a long time, and now you know its benefits too. Not only is it easy to prepare, it can be consumed along with some light snacks as well. Go on, try a new flavour of chai today and sit back and relax!

11 Important Questions About Chai Tea Answered

What does tea do to your body?

Chai has antioxidants that help in ensuring healthy digestion. It reduces the risk of heart attack and guards against cardiovascular and degenerative diseases. Moreover, tea allows you to break free from the daily stress and calm your mind.

How is tea bad for you?

Tea is one of the most popular beverages in the world. However, drinking too much of teacan cause certain side effects. It can increase the risk of esophageal cancer, prostate cancer and even damage your bones, if consumed in excess.

What is found in Tea?

Tea contains L-theanine, theophylline, as well as bound caffeine. Spices and herbs such as ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, clove and black pepper are added to Chai to enhance its flavour.

Which country’s national drink is Tea?

Tea was recognized as the ‘National Drink of India’ in the year 2013. India is the second largest producer of tea in the world.

Is Tea bad for your kidneys?

Tea consumed in the right quantity is not toxic for your health. It contains caffeine that can strain your kidneys, if consumed in excess. It stimulates blood flow and can increase blood pressure levels.

Which are the healthiest teas in the world?

Green tea, Chamomile tea, Black tea, and White tea are counted in the list of the healthiest teas in the world.

Is there any nicotine in Tea?

Yes, Tea comprises of nicotine, but the amount of this stimulant present in tea is negligible.

Which drug is present in Tea?

Tea does not contain any drugs.

Is Tea high in caffeine?

Tea contains a fair amount of caffeine and thus must not be consumed in excess.

Which Tea is good for kidneys?

Dandelion Tea and Nettle Tea are some of the best teas that can be consumed for detoxifying the kidneys.

Can kidney patients drink tea?

It is advisable that kidney patients consume herbal teas in order to stay fit and secure the health of their kidneys.

Where To Buy Chai Tea?

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