Kapil Sharma’s road to fame and celeb life has been phenomenal, we all know that but little do we know about this comedian’s nature per se. But now, another shocking incident occurred on a flight in which Kapil and his team were returning.

Here are all the events that shaped up this surprising incident.

Apparently Kapil Sharma got drunk on the flight immediately after take-off

If reports are to be believed, Kapil consumed an entire bottle of Glenfiddich whiskey on the flight. Even to passengers sitting in the same area as the team, he was visibly drunk. Trouble started when the other actors i.e. Ali, Sunil, Chandan and Kiku didn’t continue drinking and instead had dinner plates in front of them.


In his drunken state, Kapil Sharma hit Sunil Grover with his shoe

Seeing his team members having dinner, Kapil badmouthed to them “Jab maine khana shuru nahi kia to tumlogon ne kaise le lia khana?

Sunil, Chandan, Ali and Kiku became terrified and returned the plates to the cabin crew immediately.Comedy-Nights-With-Kapil-star-cast1

Sunil Grover being a true gentleman tried to calm him down, but Kapil Sharma’s behaviour could only get the better of him.

The host and comedian took out his shoe and hit it at Sunil’s face, even slapped him a few times while holding up his collar!

Kapil Sharma says “Tum logon ka career maine banaya hai. Sabka career khatam kar dunga.”


This was at a time when Sunil Grover tried to make him feel comfortable and not lose his calm. These statements were so loud that economy class passengers heard him.

The worst was when Kapil shamed Sunil Grover with his statement “Gaya tha na tu toh, Aa gaya na mere paas.”

After the incident, Ali Asgar, Sunil Grover and Chandan Prabhakat have boycotted shooting for the Kapil Sharma show.

Meanwhile, Kapil posted this statement on his Facebook page.

Kapil also tweeted an apology to Sunil Grover, two days back.

Sunil Grover finally presented his statement in a tweet.

Sunil Grover’s words were firm and on point, without being disrespectful. Kapil on the other hand, is desparately trying to get things back to normal.

Navjot Singh Sindhu is now trying to mend the situation, saying “It is my duty.”

sidhu-kapil-759The newly-elected MP is making continued efforts to save the show, the cast and the reputation; in spite of the comments that have come in from Punjab’s CM, Amarinder Pal Singh. Singh has also received flak from Kirron Kher for citing her as another actor balancing both parliamentary meetings and TV schedules at the same time.

As the seniormost in the team, being there on the show for the last 5 years, there are high expectations from him to bring back the show to normalcy.

Unlike other weekends when masses would look forward to see them onscreen, this weekend audiences are waiting for a different kind of update on Kapil Sharma and his co-stars!

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