Founded by Vijayakumar Radhakrishnan and Girish Ramdas, Magzter is a cross platform digital magazine newsstand. With various subscription offers, you can read your favorite magazines from anywhere on your devices. Magzter features popular global and Indian magazines such as India Today, Vogue, Forbes, Outlook, Overdrive and many more.

Here are some facts about Magzter!

  • It is currently headquartered in New York with over 50 employees as of 2013.
  • Even newspapers are available in English, Hindi, Tamil, Malayalam, Bengali, Telugu, Gujarati and many more regional languages.
  • You can even gift your friends or family online subscriptions of magazines. These gift cards are available in different values like Rs. 99, 299, 499, 699 and even 999.
  • Magzter has a goal of reducing the usage of paper and other valuable resources that are used to make magazines.
  • There are currently over 8000 magazines from more than 3400 publishers on Magzter.
  • Magzter works with publishers in over 50 languages from almost 175 countries.
  • Magzter is available on iOS, Android, Windows and also has an official website.

Now you know the perfect solution to all your reading needs. Magzter is the ultimate platform to find your favourite magazines and newspapers. You can read them online on-the-go and can also do your bit in saving the environment!


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