Since the past few days, Delhi and its surrounding areas have seen an alarming increase in air-pollution levels. Even a week after the cracker filled celebration, Delhi has found itself engulfed in a seemingly permanent haze of smoke and particulate matter. While we’ve seen some bizarre cases of people taking ‘smog-selfies’, others are vary of how this is effecting their health.

As the situation is still under scrutiny and measures may or may not be underway, it is up to us to take charge of our own health. Firstly, you need to ensure that you are taking a proper diet, one that helps your body build immunity and fight against the toxicity in the air. Secondly, you can use technology to protect yourself from the smog blanket. Here are a few products you should consider investing in:

Home Air Purifiers

Although it’s comparatively easier to breathe inside homes than it is outside, but your home is still not safe from pollutants. It’s best to buy an air purifier for each bedroom, especially those of elderly and children. Keep an eye out for High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance (HEPA) which is a feature that your purifier must have. Also, size matters when it comes to air purifiers so, it’s recommended to buy bigger ones for bigger rooms.



Philips AC4072/11 Air Purifier (Rs 34,990 on and Kent Ozone Room Purifier (Rs 2,450 on

Face Masks

A rising number of people wearing air pollution masks are being sighted across the city. First off, surgical masks that go out for Rs 2-Rs 20 are completely useless against the pollution we’re facing. You should be looking for disposable anti-pollution masks that filter out dust, fumes, allergens and other irritants.


Recommended: 3M White Air Purifying Face Mask – Pack of 6 (Rs 420 on and Smartair N99 Grey Air Vented Mask- NIOSH Certified-1 Valve- Pack of 4 (Rs 984 on

Also, find top offers on best 3m Pollution Mask available in India

Car Air Purifiers

Car purifiers can be attached to the cigarette ports of your car and protect you while you travel on dusty, fume-laden roads. A lot of brands have come out with lightweight and easy to operate purifiers with HEPA filters.


Recommended – Kent Magic Hepa Car Air Purifier (Rs 6,999 on

Eye Drops

Walking around in Delhi for as little as 30 minutes is causing major eye irritation and infections. In this scenario, it becomes essential to prevent rather than cure. Choose anti-inflammatory eye drops along with oral antihistamines to stave off allergies before they set in.

Find Eye Drops and OTC  allergy medication on


For small areas such as bathrooms and kitchens, you can choose portable ionizers over bulky air purifiers. These essentially push down smoke and dust, making them settle down on the floor. These usually do not come with HEPA filters but are an effective and affordable option.


Recommended – Tropicool – Car Air purifier & Ionizer (Rs 1,799 on and Eureka Forbes Power saving LED lighting and Indoor Air Cleaning Bulb
 (Rs 999 on

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