As much as we’d love to lose weight instantly, goals are hard to achieve, workouts are tough to complete and diets are just about impossible to follow. Today, we’re going to take a sneakier route and tell you just how to look almost 5 kilos lighter using only fashion. Sounds cool right? Here’s our take on tactical dressing:

1. Swear By The Belt

To look ‘shape-ly’ you will obviously have to do away with ‘shape-less’. Adding a belt to a loose-fitting dress or top will not only make your waist look slender but also accentuate your curves. Tying a stylish sweater around your waist works like a charm as well.


2. Master The Monochrome

You’ve probably heard about and tried out the all-black trick to achieve a slender-looking silhouette. Going monochrome using other dark colors will serve the same purpose. Be it a jumpsuit, denim on denim, or any other matching separates, they will make you look leaner for sure.


3. Always Seek Structure

As mentioned above, shapeless is out and structured is in if you want to look slimmer. On days where you feel particularly puffy, throw on a well –tailored jacket to look chic and slender all at once.womens-jackets-coats-blazers-to-wear-this-spring-6

4. Maxi-mum Style

If you’re always looking for clothes that make you look super thin, make maxi dresses a wardrobe staple. They make you look taller and slimmer with no effort at all. Combine points 3 and 4 by going for a maxi in a solid color to get ahead of the game.


5. All In The A-Line

An A-line skirt gives you the most flattering silhouette while A-line kurtas and tops hide away problem areas such as your tummy or hips. Long story short, make best friends with the A-line cut and never look bulky again.


6. Put On A Flared Pair

..Of jeans. Did you know that bootcut jeans are making their way back into the fashion scene? Now you can stow away those skinny jeans that showed off each bulge and bring out those funky flares. Pair these with high heels to make your legs look even longer and leaner.


7. Vertical Stripe Surprise

Don anything (skirt, pants, jackets) with pinstripes and voila! You’ll look taller and magnificently lean. The trick here is elongating your silhouette with the thin lines that will make your frame appear slimmer.


8. Get High Waisted

Pants and skirts with a higher rise are a definite yes if you want to look slimmer in seconds. High waists go wonderfully well with crop tops and tucked blouses alike so you’ll have plenty slenderizing options to choose from.


9. A Pair Of Pointed Pumps

This small trick will keep you from looking stocky. Put on high heels, preferably pointed pumps to appear tall, lean and fabulous.


10. Invest In Good Shapewear

Not a sneaky one but a trick all the same. Smoothen out bulges with good quality shapewear that is made with breathable fabric. Along with that, find the right bra for your outfit for a more put together, flattering look.


Image Credits: Pinterest

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