Punarnava is a medicinal plant that is used in Ayurvuda to treat liver and inflammatory diseases. It is offered in tablet for my herbal medicine company Himalaya. The medicine is offered mainly for women’s wellness. It is useful in treating urinary tract infections. Read on to find the benefits of the medicine along with its ingredients.

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Ingredients of Himalaya Punarnava

Each tablet contains pure Punarnava (Boerhaavia diffusa) root extract. It contains no additives.

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Review of Himalaya Punarnava


  • Controls and treats urinary tract infections
  • Contains flavanoids that are powerful antioxidants
  • Keeps liver and kidneys healthy
  • Acts as diuretic, removing pathogens through urine regularly
  • Anti-inflammatory properties sooth urinary tract


  • Cannot be consumed by diabetic and hypertensive patients
  • Cannot be consumed by pregnant and breastfeeding mothers
  • Self-medication can be harmful
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Best Price of Himalaya Punarnava

Buy at Amazon

Rs 150 for a pack of 60 tablets

But at Himalaya Store

Rs 147 for a pack of 60 tablets

Other Online Stores That Offer Himalaya Punarnava

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