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What is Himalaya Tagara?

Himalaya Tagara is a capsule that is primarily used to calm down the brain. It is also used for sleeping disorders, mild tremors, indigestion, joint pain, dysuria, dyspepsia, headaches and other such conditions. Its main ingredient Tagara restores circadian rhythm and helps people sleep better through the night.

Key Ingredients of Himalaya Tagara

100% Tagara Rhyzome Extract

Himalaya Tagara Review


  • It relaxes the mind by appeasing brain chemicals
  • Helps cure Sleeping Disorders
  • Treats Mild Tremors and epilepsy
  • Soothes Indigestion
  • Reduces Joint Pain
  • Reduces Dyspepsia
  • Treats Headaches


  • Can cause Excitability
  • Can cause Discomfort
  • Can cause Uneasiness
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Himalaya Tagara Dosage

1-2 Tablets per day as directed by the physician

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It is an effective treatment for insomnia and promotes restful sleep. However, insomnia could have more serious causes as well. Take counsel of your doctor before administering this medicine as there are several conditions that you must be checked for before taking it. It should be taken with food.

Himalaya Tagara Best Price

Buy a pack of 60 tablets at Amazon for Rs 396

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