Yashtimadhu is an herbal medicine manufactured by pharmaceutical and consumer products company Himalaya Herbals. It contains Yashtimadhu or licorice root, a popular Ayurvedic supplement. The medicine is primarily meant to promote gastric health and heal issues such as ulcers, gastritis and heartburn. Read on to find the complete review of this herbal medication.

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Ingredients of Himalaya Yashtimadhu

Each tablet of Himalaya Yashtimadhu contains pure licorice root extracts. It does not contain any impurities or additives.

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Review of Himalaya Yashtimadhu


  • Increases production of stomach mucus which protects the stomach lining from acidity
  • Inhibits the growth of infection-causing bacteria in the stomach
  • Prevents and treats heartburn
  • Treats dyspepsia
  • Treats ulcers in the stomach
  • 100% vegetarian
  • Does not contain preservatives, added colors, sugar or gelatin


  • Cannot be consumed during pregnancy and lactation
  • Cannot be consumed by diabetic or hypertensive people
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Where To Get The Best Price  for Himalaya Yashtimadhu

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