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Renting your first apartment and calling it your ‘pad’ is a proud moment in the life of any person. But a bare, empty house with nothing in it is not the best. You need to add stuff that will take your house to a home. But doing this on a budget? That’s the hard part.

For the person on a budget, you can resort to online websites that sell furniture and other home goods. You’ll usually get it for cheaper prices and you can also browse more options when you’re shopping online. The best site for furniture you ask, it’s Flipkart of course!

Flipkart has a huge range of home goods using which you can deck out your house. Here are some to include in your living space:

HOMESTOCK Leatherette 3 + 1 + 1 Black Sofa Set

The most basic furniture to start with is some sort of living room sitting solutions. Id est, couches. This leather couch set is the perfect place to start with one 3 seater and two 1 seaters. This set has removable covers which allow easy cleaning, (something that doesn’t happen often, am I right?) Get it for your home now, and with CashKaro’s Flipkart offers, you can purchase this set for much cheaper.

Edifice Couture Purple Chenille Carpet  (182 cm X 213 cm)

Carpets bring about big changes to the room. There is an immediate feeling of cosiness that gets established. If you want to cheat on this, rugs are the way to go. They are much easier to maintain and can be switched in a jiffy. This particular rug will give your home the feeling of put-togetherness and royalty.

Home Delight 150 inch Yellow Rice Lights

There are small ways in which you can add your personal touch to a shared room or such. One of these is the lighting used. This rice light will add a lot of attitude to your room and also functions as a light source. Amp up your room at budget using Pepperfry coupon code.

Bean Bag Chair – VSK XXL Tear Drop

The frat boy’s throne aka a bean bag is an easy addition to any room. It is easily portable and is extremely comfortable to use. It can also be added on to a room along with couches. Use CashKaro’s Flipkart coupons to get yourself one.

Afast Glass Vase

A little decor never hurt anyone. These glass flower vases make pretty additions to any room and give you that little reminder to keep your home fresh and alive.

Apart from Flipkart, you may also check out sites like Pepperfry or Urbanladder for your furniture needs.

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