If you’re allergic to anything at all, you know how bad it can get. The perennial coughing and sneezing with the continuous anaphylaxis threat can give you a headache.

Allergies are so common, that sometimes you cannot even put a finger on what exactly is causing your throat to close up and skin to start itching like crazy. Today, we present to you, a few common allergens along with home remedies that’ll make you feel better.


This is so common, it tops most allergen lists. When stepping out of your home makes you sneeze till your eyes water, pollen allergies might be the culprit.


The Symptoms:

Nasal congestion, runny nose, itchy and watery eyes, scratchy throat, cough and decreased sense of taste or smell.

Feel Better:

  • Herbs like spirulina and butterbur help reverse reactions. You can even find these extracts in the form of pills.
  • Flushing out pollen with the help of a neti pot will give you instant relief.
  • Eating spicy food will relax your sinuses giving you relief from sneezing and nasal blockage.
  • Drying clothes indoors if possible will help them remain pollen free.

Dust Mites

They’re microscopic and can be found just about everywhere around the house. If you live in humid conditions, chances are your beds, cushions and curtains are infested. The freaky part – they thrive on your skin flakes.


The Symptoms:

Apart from symptoms similar to pollen allergy, one might also experience postnasal dripping, tightness of the chest and wheezing.

Feel Better:

  • Drinking concoction of water and apple cider vinegar can give relief from cold symptoms
  • Nettle leaf is a natural antihistamine which soothes the allergy symptoms. These can also be consumed in the form of pills.
  • Nip the problem in the bud by washing or vacuuming your bedding and cushions every week.


These are very common and equally dangerous. The effects can range from rashes to uneven heartbeat and breathing problems. The most common foods that people are allergic to include – Milk, Eggs, Peanuts, Soy, Gluten and Seafood.

636012996477374194-1713303533_odyssey food allergy picture

The Symptoms:

Skin rash, sneezing, puffy eyes, swollen lips and tongue, weakness and chest pain

Feel Better:

  • Bananas can reduce symptoms like skin rashes and stomach troubles.
  • Citrus foods like lime will boost your immunity system and reduce the occurrence of allergies.
  • Various Yoga asanas have been directly linked to allergy cures
  • Cucumber and carrot juice contains anti-allergens that can reverse allergic reactions.

Note: Food allergies that are too severe can be fatal. It is best to consult an allergist and get medication if your symptoms are serious.


100928141550_1_900x600Having a furry friend has multiple health benefits, but if cuddling him is making your nose run and your eyes water, then probably you are allergic.

The Symptoms:  

Sneezing, runny nose, chest pains, facial pains, watery eyes and skin rashes.

Feel Better:

  • Limit exposure or use face masks while interacting with pets.
  • Use Neti Pots to flush out allergens.
  • Eat allergy fighting foods like chillies, mustard seeds, flaxseeds, walnuts and more.


It is bizarre but certain scents can cause symptoms similar to allergic reactions. A particular perfume, a scented candle or even your soap and shampoo might irritate your nose and throat.fragrance-skin-allergies-1024x611The Symptoms:

Difficulty breathing, tight chest, wheezing, sneezing, dermatitis and headaches.

Feel Better:

  • Switch to organic, unscented soaps and shampoos.
  • Use fragrance free household products like detergents and fabric softeners.
  • Drink a concoction made by mixing Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) in water to reduce pain and other symptoms of the allergy.

Allergies can be so mild that you don’t even notice them or so severe that you feel like you’re having a stroke. Don’t wait for it to get worse. Use these home remedies and consult a doctor if the symptoms do not subside. Stay Safe!

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