Once you’re done planning the intricate details of your wedding, comes the exciting part – planning for your honeymoon. Most couples choose exotic beach destinations while others go for snow-capped mountains. But, no matter where you go, the one thing you can’t miss out on is packing for intimate wear. If you’re worried about these essentials, then don’t be. Shyaway brings a mind-blowing collection to make your wedding vacation dreamier than ever. Here are the top must-haves in the honeymoon trousseau that you can’t resist.

1. Sexy Bridal Bras

Bridal bras

Exquisite laces and soft satin combined with exciting prints make Shyaway’s Bridal Bra Collection drool-worthy. You also get to choose from different styles, whether it is a balconette or plunge, with or without push-up, various back designs and much more. The colours are something that can steal your attention in a glimpse. So, let the temperature soar high and let this intimate affair last forever with Shyaway bras.

Price: Starts at Rs. 799

2. Panties

Shyaway panty

When choosing panties for your honeymoon, go beyond the element of comfort. Shyaway brings different styles of panties like a bikini, thong, G-string, hipster or boy shorts. The lacey details, the satin finish are just too marvellous to resist.

Price: Starts at Rs. 299

3. Babydoll Nightwear

Babydoll nightwear

Spice up your mood with Babydoll Nightwear from Shyaway. These sheer dresses are available in a variety of styles, colours and sizes for you to choose from. These inmates will just be another add-on to all the memorable moments you spend on your honeymoon.

Price: Starts at Rs. 999

4. Lingerie Set

lingerie set

You might often mix and match your bras with panties, but picking out lingerie set for your honeymoon is ‘beyond romantic’. Shyaway brings a range of lingerie sets in various colours and styles that ooze sensuality. Enchant your partner in one of these sets while embracing your curves like a star.

Price: Starts at Rs. 999

5. Bra Bag

Bra bag

When it means packing, you certainly should have a bra bag that protects your delicate bras. These pretty travel cases are designed to prevent cups from distorting and possible breakage of underwires, helping you extend the life of your expensive lingerie.

Price: Starts at Rs. 749


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