As much as we anticipate our wedding day, secretly we’re all waiting for our dreamy honeymoons and although we plan our honeymoons months in advance – exotic locales, hotel bookings and planning itineraries et al for “the most anticipated holiday of a lifetime”, there’s so much more to plan for, especially if you’re the bride!!

Top Clichéd and Not-so-Clichéd Essentials for Your Honeymoon

*Wear a Love Spelling Perfume*

After all the frenzied wedding festivities and elaborate rituals, you have to shake off the tiredness and sweat that came along the whole time. So start your married life with a relaxing shower followed with body mists and perfumes. With fragrances, you should take care to keep at least 2 or 3 signature ones.


Imagine a morning, in your room, when your husband wakes up with an aromatic surprise, AND that is the smell of you. ~blush~

*Plan a Jacuzzi*

Your honeymoon is a time for you to unleash all of your hotness, so shed off your inhibitions by bringing in the right aromas in your room. It’s no secret that the sense of smell goes a long way in setting the right mood for romance, and what better way to entice your beau than to send seductive aromas first thing in the morning.

remarkable-romantic-bath-lighting-using-long-and-short-red-candles-added-with-small-floating-candlesFloral potpourri, essential oil diffusers, scented candles – choose your pick and take a deep dive into each other spontaneously. ~smile~

*Shop Jaw-dropping lingerie*

The honeymoon cannot be true to its name without lingerie that accentuates your sensuality. Peignoir sets, baby-doll lingerie, satin and lace chemises – choose the ones most comfortable for your taste and then start exploring more options to take your romance higher gradually. Keep a startling collection of honeymoon pieces like satin underwear, garter belts, panty-hoses, bodysuits and kimonos that take seduction to a whole new level.


Let your lingerie be blasphemous, let them be mysterious so that they raise the temperatures with every layer. ~wink~

*Couples Games*

gamesOn one evening, you could sit down with a strip poker card set or an UNGAME couples’ version to unwind together over some wine and champagne. Use this opportunity to know each other inside out so that you can plan your days ahead even better.

*Dirty Makeup*

Red, fuchsia and all the variants in between, or naughty pink and orange shades – everything that adds to the oomph in your attire should be in your bag.

We really can’t have enough of red, can we? Red glosses, metallic red eyeshadow and wild maroon nails with tints of grey and black – isn’t this a good recipe to adorn the seduction avatar? ~wink~


965804ae852d01d07151399495442e5aObviously you cannot carry all of them, but care to carry a bottle of champagne or red wine and definitely keep your honeymoon diet full of raw oysters, avocados, pine nuts and chocolates.

Dose a high on strawberries, cherries and chocolates with whipped cream. You’ll be at an advantage if you are carrying at least some o’ these, considering those steamy adventures in bed. So spare a thought and keep these little goodies in a little corner of your luggage. ~slurp~

~The clichéd ones~

Condoms, intensity capsules, climax sprays and sexual wellness basics like penile creams, vaginal washes, climax enhancers and energy boosters. The best thing is that all of these items are available on health and wellness websites with adequate knowhow on the use, precautions and therapeutic benefits. So, dear bride-to-be, save your time and energy and shop these orgasmic items at

~Travel docs and clothing~

These may stick in your mind like pesky “Things To Do” but more often than not, we’re prone to forget them. Hope you’ve kept visas, passports and all tickets, hotel documents in your airport handbag. Pack up all that couture you’re shopping all the time and give yourself a good night’s sleep. dresses

Unleash the Pink Panther, will you?

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