Are Hotel Bookings At MakeMyTrip Couple Friendly?

A lot of people across the country travel with their partner, colleague or pal. But there still are many conservative hotels in India that do not admit unmarried couples. Even when they do, one cannot escape the judgemental scrutinizing eyes of the staff at such hotels. This leaves an unpleasant experience on the minds of the customers. A lot of it has changed post hotel booking companies like MakeMyTrip and its counterparts started operating in the Indian market.

MakeMyTrip is one of the largest Indian travel booking companies that was founded in the year 2000. The company is headquartered at Gurugram, Haryana, India and currently operates in three countries, viz. India, USA and UAE. Customers can book flight tickets or hotels at a very reasonable price at the MMT site.

MMT is also one of the most customer friendly companies in the travel booking segment in India. The hotels that are registered on MMT are verified and safe. But whether or not MMT hotels are couple friendly is still a matter of some debate. This is because MMT does not exclusively mention whether the hotels registered with them are bound to admit unmarried couple or vice versa.

MMT does not own a chain of hotels across the aforementioned countries. It only works as a liaison between the hoteliers and its customers and renders its services to them. Hotels tie up with MMT to expand their customer base for a nominal fee that they pay to MMT. So, the real deal lies in whether the hotel that the customer has opted for is couple friendly or not. However, for the convenience of its customers, MakeMyTrip has categorised couple-friendly hotels under one listing for various locations across the country. Individuals just need to search for couple friendly hotels in the desired destinations. It is indeed a strong step towards breaking a taboo that has been rooted deep in the Indian social system.

However, there are a few hotels enlisted on MMT that do not allow unrelated couples to book a single room as MMT does not have a filter to categorize unmarried couple friendly hotels in a single slot. In order to book a couple friendly hotel, the customer is needed to read the hotel policy before choosing to book a room with them.

There is no law under the Indian constitution that suggests that an unmarried man and woman cannot stay in a hotel room together. Staying together is a personal choice and comes under the Right to Freedom: freedom of movement and one cannot impose restrictions on it.

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