Are Hotel Bookings At Oyo Couple Friendly?

Oyo was conceived as Oravel by Ritesh Agrawal in the year 2012. Sticking to the original idea while modifying a lot many things in the process, Ritesh founded OYO rooms in 2013. Today the company has grown into a giant hospitality entity that has tie ups with approximately 8500 hotels across India, Malaysia, China, Nepal, UAE and Indonesia.

Oyo is one of the most reliable hotel services in India and offers hotels at comparatively reasonable prices than its competitors. However, once Oyo got into the domain, it soon realized that not all hotels in India are always welcoming to unmarried couples. There are a lot of conservative hotels that are unwilling to admit unrelated couples/ unmarried couples to the hotel rooms. Moreover, there are a plethora of prodding questions or sly eyes that can ruin the duos’ vacation.

But Oyo has set its foot to change it all. With the introduction of the Relationship Mode, Oyo seeks to give access to couple friendly rooms to Indian customers who are looking for some quiet time and no intrusion in privacy. So, if you are travelling with your partner and are concerned about nagging, pesky questions by hoteliers, then do not worry. There are hotel rooms registered at OYO that are couple friendly and the process of filtering hotels is not painstaking at all. With the Relationship Mode filter one can filter couple friendly hotels in more than 100 cities across India.

A rough estimate suggests that 60 percent of the approximately 6000 registered Oyo hotels are couple friendly. They give access to couples without any hassle and the stay at the hotels is pleasant and untroubled. The Relationship Mode is available while you book hotels through the website or the OYO App. Oyo’s 35% customers are within the age group of 20 to 30 and 25% are within the age group of 30 to 40. A lot of Oyo customers are unmarried couples, friends or colleagues. This mode has given them the vantage to choose hotels without attracting uninvited trouble and judgement.

The process for activating the relationship mode is simple and quick. Users need to login to their Oyo account. Then choose his/ her marital status as Single. That done, the customer can turn on the relationship mode, filter and choose the hotels that are couple- friendly. Travelling with your partner will never be a more joyous experience.

The Chief Growth Officer of Oyo says that  this initiative is meant to serve Oyo customers mainly in the age group of 18 to 30. He also mentioned that these are no gimmicky marketing tactics. They are only focused on impacting the stay experience of the customers without any trouble or judgements.

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