How Physics Works in the Cartoon World!

There once was a guy named Newton who was quite a smart cookie- he discovered gravity (duh) and laid quite a “forceful” foundation of Physics with his three laws of motion. Till this date students are left cramming it without really knowing what any of it really means. However, Physics turns all sorts of interesting in the Cartoon world to incite humour.

Check out these various Laws of Physics applicable only in the Cartoon World:

Law I

Gravity does not apply till the character in question, who is generally hanging mid air, doesn’t look down. And here Newton thought it worked at 9.8 meters per second per second!


Law II

When playing Baseball or any other sport, the main protagonist can move at the speed of light and play various roles all at once. Now that is what multitasking is all about!



It is possible to physically move still and absolute objects to suit your requirement.


Law IV

According to Newton, a body moves at a pace proportional to the force applied. However, in the cartoon world who cares about force or acceleration? Even a mouse can lift objects without so much as a how do you do!


Law V

Underwater laws of Physics are all the more absurd. Forget needing an oxygen mask or a swimsuit to survive. Those kind of equipment are for dummies!


All said and done, the world of cartoons has always been entertaining and no matter what your age, you can always relax and enjoy your favourite cartoon no matter how absurd it might be. Those sure were the good ol’ days!



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