There was a time when we hustling millennials would spend an arm and a leg on finding new courses, developing new skills and often travel miles of distances to become industry-ready. Not only was this process a hard day’s work but it was also full of competition and came at hefty prices. Now, we have this mammoth of an online learning service, known as the Shaw Academy that has revolutionized learning to such an extent that you can actually get certified on professional skills without depending on anyone else but yourself.

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Here are 5 ways in which Shaw Academy is helping students across all age groups become more professional every day.

1Live Online Courses

For all those of you who are genuinely interested in mastering new skills, signing up at the Shaw Academy is the first thing you should be doing. The online academy is known internationally for its timely well-planned live online courses covering more than 20 industry growth skills. These live webinars last 3 hours on a weekly basis and are conducted by reputed industry experts. Students get a good interaction time with the course instructors and also get the chance for interactive discussions even while sitting at home.


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