How To Break Out Of A Makeup Rut

Bam! You just realized that you have been following some set signature makeup looks since the past few months. You throw a glance at your big makeup collection and feel shocked. Even after owing so many makeup products, there are only a few ones that you reach out for frequently. Don’t worry because you are not the only one caught in the cycle of wearing repeated makeup looks. If you just realized the same, chances are that you are super bored of how you look.

Here are some ways in which you can break free this repetitive cycle and don new looks:

1) Give time to your brain to accept changes

– The first and foremost thing you need to do to get out of a makeup rut is by willing to embrace change. And that will happen only if you give time to your brain to accept the changes. You have been an eyeliner girl your whole life and now want to wear black kajal only on the outer edges of your lower lash line. Even a minute change like this can make you feel that you aren’t looking good. But before you draw a conclusion, wear the same look at least for a week and then make comparisons between your opinions. Chances are that you will look how you look after a week as compared to your bad reaction on the first day.

2) Get inspired by Pinterest

– I could also write that get inspired by internet but since I broke the monotony in my beauty looks with Pinterest, I named that. You can browse through a lot of varied makeup looks on Pinterest. Make a board dedicated to looks for adopting new signature makeup looks inspired by them. Do this as and when you look. Study those looks keeping your face shape and eye shape in mind and then adopt them. Also keep in mind the time it will take for you to re-create them. If you are on office-goer and can’t afford more than 15 minutes for your face beauty ritual, go for simple looks with a twist. Think of double eyeliner with blue and black.

3) Shop randomly for beauty products

– There are high chances of you still wanting to purchase new products even after owing a big collection. And that is okay! If you are having difficulty figuring out new looks, it’s best that you shop for some new products without researching for them. You never know that you might find some products which change your beauty game all together. If luckier, you might even come across a Holy Grail product. Don’t miss out on Nykaa coupons present on to shop for them at discounted prices with a bonus of handsome Cashback too.

4) Change the finish

– This is one of the easiest yet dramatic ways of breaking out of your makeup rut. If you are into applying eyeliner with a glossy finish every day, give it a spin by choosing eyeliner with a matte finish. Change your matte finish lipsticks for the ones with a little bit of sheen or go for lipgloss. Exchange your powder blush with cream based blush for a hint of dewy cheeks. You can find a lot of cream blushes online without breaking your budget by availing eBay coupons available on Cream blushes can be found in matte as well as shiny finish. Pick one according to your skin type.

Say hello to palettes
Palettes score extra points from women who are always on the go. Think of a makeup palette like a box of colors which are waiting to go up on your face. When you hold a palette on your face, playing the game of mix and match becomes easier and simpler. You don’t have to create a havoc in your vanity and empty the contents of your drawer to find something new. Just scan your eyes through the different palettes you own and come up with a new look!
Hope these tips help you come out of the repetitive makeup cycle you are stuck in!

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