Videocon D2H Plan Change – How To Change Videocon D2H Pack

Confused about how to change the Videocon d2h plan? Fret not! We’ve got you covered.
Headquartered in Mumbai, India, Videocon d2h is a subsidiary of Dish TV. The merger between the firms created the largest DTH provider in India.
Give below are three methods to initiate a Videocon d2h plan change.

3 Ways To Change Videocon D2H Package 

Method to Change PlanSteps to Follow
Change Videocon D2H Plan OnlineEmail with Cust. ID / RTN*
Change Videocon D2H Plan by CallCall +9115691156
Change Videocon D2H Plan through AppDownload Infinity App

*RTN – Registered Telephone Number

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5 Best Videocon D2H Plans

Videocon Recharge PlanVideocon D2H Plan Price 
New South Gold PlanStarting @ ₹300
Gold Maxi PlanStarting @ ₹331
Super Gold HD PlanStarting @ ₹425
South Platinum PlanStarting @ ₹550
New Gold Sports HDStarting @ ₹550

To know more, check out our blog on Videocon D2H Plans to find out about the pack features as well as trending offers on its price.

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Which D2H app can be used to change the Videocon D2H pack?

You can use the d2h infinity app to upgrade or downgrade your existing Videocon D2H pack.

What are the best Videocon D2h Plans and Packages?

You can read our blog to know all about the top trending Videocon D2H Plans.

What is Videocon D2H RTN?

Videocon D2H RTN stands for Videocon D2H Registered Telephone Number. You will need this number handy when doing a Videocon D2H Plan change.

Can I add channels instead of changing the Videocon D2H package?

Yes! you can check out the Videocon D2H Channel list where you will find the channel numbers for each channel. Once you have this information, you can use it to add Videocon channels individually.

How to get my Videocon D2H ID Number?

To get your Videocon D2H customer ID number, you simply have to drop an SMS at 9212012299 that says CID <Smart Card Number>  from a non registered mobile number.

Is there a Videocon Channel List for me to browse?

Yes, you can read our blog on the Videocon Channel List which is updated and shows the listing of 2019 Videocon Channels with the price of each channel.

How to Downgrade Videocon D2H Package Online?

You can simply go onto the website and downgrade your Videocon D2H package. Log into your account and simply change the package to a lower amount and voila, you have downgraded your Videocon D2H plan!

Are Videocon D2H HD and SD set-top boxes user-friendly?

Videocon d2h comes with unbelievable features that make it extremely user-friendly.

Are there any good offers on Videocon D2H Recharge?

There are some exciting Videocon D2H offers and plans as mentioned below:
1. New User Offers: Recharge via Amazon and get up to Rs 1000 Amazon Pay Balance and earn Rs 50 on your first transaction and recharge.
2. Existing User Offers: If you have already recharged your Videocon D2H in the past, you can still earn up to Rs 1000 Amazon Pay Balance and get 1% Rewards on your transaction.

Should I Check my balance before I change Videocon D2H Pack?

Yes! It is important that you learn how to check Videocon D2H balance before you change you Videocon D2H package. By doing so you can prevent wasting money and change your pack in the most cost-effective way.

Who does the installation of the set top box? Can this be scheduled?

The engineers of Videocon are highly trained in both technical skills and soft skills. You can schedule the installation of the set-top box at your convenience.

What are the modes of payment to recharge my account online?

You can recharge your account online through a recharge voucher, debit or credit card, or net banking.

How do I recharge my Videocon D2H plan?

There are many options you can follow in order to recharge your D2H plan. You can do the same by:
1. Online Recharge: There are many portals offering you online recharge offers on your Videocon D2H plans. You can check out portals like Paytm, recharge through credit card, debit card, net banking, etc. The recharge is instant and saves you the hassle and time.
2. Official Website: You can also recharge your D2H plan by checking out the Videocon official site and entering the subscriber ID provided on your box.
3. CashKaro Offers: You can also check out the top offers listed on CashKaro by checking our trending d2h recharge offer and earning additional rewards.

Are the new Videocon D2H Plans as per the TRAI Guidelines?

As per the new TRAI guidelines, consumers should be given free choice and freedom over their monthly entertainment bill by choosing the channels they’d like to watch. Videocon has revised its D2H plans in accordance with the new guidelines. Most of the SD channels are now free and the HD channels come along with different price tags.

Can I Change To an HD Videocon D2H pack?

Yes! To enjoy all Videocon D2H HD channels, you can upgrade to an HD connection and change your Videocon D2H pack to an HD package.

How can I reach out to Videocon customer care service?

You can contact Videocon support team on the following portals:
Videocon Customer Care / Complaints Number: 91156 91156
Videocon Customer Team Email ID:
Videocon Web Portal: care.php
Videocon Complaint Forum:
Videocon does not have a Toll Free Number but you can call 091156 91156 for any queries.

How to change the Videocon D2H package?

To change your Videocon D2H package you can call the customer care number +9115691156, send an email to or you can change Videocon D2H plan with the Videocon Infinity App.

How to change Videocon D2H pack online? 

You can send an email to Mention your Customer ID or the registered telephone number.  Inform about your current base pack and mention the pack you want to upgrade/downgrade to.

How to change the package of Videocon D2H by call? 

You can call the Videocon D2H customer care team on +9115691156 to know about how to change package in Videocon D2H.

How to change the subscription plan in Videocon D2H with the App? 

Download the d2h infinity app to change your existing Videocon D2H pack. You can navigate through the app and “Manage” your existing pack and modify its new packs you want.

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