How to Choose the Perfect Frames on Lenskart

Eyeglasses are a big decision to make for anyone. Though they aren’t permanent, it is a semi-permanent decision you’ll probably have to live with for at least a year. That being said, it is probably best that you make sure that the frame you chose suits you and the type of face you have.

Lucky for us, Lenskart has an awesome 3-D lens try-out mechanism where you can virtually try on frames and see what you like before you make the purchase. However accurate this may be, it isn’t quite like trying it on in reality, is it? Well, go through this guide on what frame shape suits different face structures best and make the most informed choice you can.

Round Face

Round-ish faces are those that have soft angles and are neither too long nor wide. To get the perfectly balances eye-wear for this shape of a face, it’s best to go with options that are more angular. Choose rectangular frames or those with sharp angles. Buy it now with Lenskart offers from CashKaro.

What to try on Lenskart: Vincent Chase Blue Transparent Black Full Rim Rectangle Glasses

Oval-Shaped Face

This is perhaps the easiest face shape to choose for. It is regarded as the most symmetrical face, meaning your options are much more. You can try out walnut-shaped frames or styles like cat-eye frames. Get it using Lenskart coupons and save!

What to try on Lenskart: John Jacobs Matte Maroon Full Rim Cat Eye Glasses

Square-Shaped Face

If you’ve got an angular face with a broad forehead and jawline, you classify as a square face. Since there are a ton of sharp angles already on your face, it’s best to choose softer frames that are round shaped. You can find tons on Lenkart and by using Lenskart coupon codes, you can save a lot.

What to try on Lenskart: Carrera Gunmetal Black V81 Unisex Eyeglasses

Diamond Face

This is a long face that has angles on the jawline, though they may be soft. Your best bet for eyeglass frames is oval or cat-eyed classes. If you’re daring, try one that has a thick frame.

What to try on Lenskart: Vincent Chase Golden Tortoise Full Rim Oval Eyeglasses

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