There are various brands that sell whey protein products in the market. Some are expensive and some are not. Some however, fall in the same price range. So how do you decide which is a better product? Well, here is our guide to comparing two different whey protein products.

The Criteria

No two whey protein brands are the same. Or are they? Well, we believe that each brand tries to do something different to stand out from their competitors. However, whey protein is a product that has certain nutritional composition that define how good the product is. We use the following nutrition values to compare different whey protein products.

  • Serving Size – This is only mentioned to put other nutrition values in perspective
  • Protein – A higher protein content is desirable
  • BCAA’s – Branch Chained Amino Acids are an important part of any whey protein blend. They boost protein synthesis in your body. A higher BCAA content is better.
  • Calories – We obviously want to consume as little calories as we can with our whey protein supplement.
  • Total Fat – Whey protein is used to cut down fat and build up muscle. A high fat content is not what one wants.
  • Total Carbs – Like fat, a lower carb content is better


These nutrition values were the most important ones to us. They are part of every whey protein product and are the simplest yardstick by which to measure the quality of a whey protein product. There are various other ingredients that play a role too. However, these are the most basic and important ones according to us.

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