With the spread of COVID – 19, people across the world are taking every possible precaution to prevent themselves from getting infected. From washing their hands numerous times in a day to following etiquettes while coughing or sneezing, every minor thing is being taken care of. More so, people have opted to self-isolate themselves from the others. Cutting off their daily lifestyle for 21 days, they are now only stepping out to get essentials like medicines, food and staples for their home.

While others have been opting for other methods to get groceries to their homes, here are some popular ways in which people get groceries

Methods to Get Groceries At Home – Choose What is Suitable For You

1. Delivery of Groceries At Home


Delivery service is one way using which people can order their essential supplements and grocery while they sit at home. What makes delivery of goods and supplements a great option is its cashless exchange feature. The person can order the items from their favourite grocery store and pay using their debit/credit cards. Even though this does not involve the person going out to buy grocery physically, it does involve a delivery personnel coming to your place and delivering your goods.

To prevent direct contact by keeping yourself and the delivery personnel safe, maintain a hygienic distance. Opt for no contact delivery whenever you shop online. This ensures that every time a delivery personnel shows up, your order will be placed near your door from where you can pick it up whenever you deem fit.

Buy Groceries At Home

2. Kerbside Pick-Up

Kerbside delivery

Similar to the personal delivery service, kerbside pick-up too can be done using no-contact delivery. If you are already outside and wish to pick your order up from the grocery store, simply ask someone to drop your order to your vehicle. Do not forget to open the door of your car or the storage trunk of your two-wheeler. Have your order placed in the car or the trunk and close the door once your order has been kept.

3. In-Store Shopping

In store shopping

If you prefer to pick your groceries up yourself, ensure that you avoid visiting the local grocery shops at peak hours. Visit the market early in the morning or late at night and ensure that you maintain a 6 feet distance from the other people around you. Make sure you carry disinfecting wipes along with you. If you ever have to touch a surface, wipe it off with a disinfecting wipe and then carry it. Use a debit or credit card to make payment for your order.

How to Decontaminate Groceries During the Coronavirus Pandemic?

During the Coronavirus outbreak, everything including the groceries have to be handled carefully. While shopping for them you don’t know how many people have touched the products you’ve bought. But should you use these supplements and grocery as they come?

Well, the answer is no. One must not use anything they shop for without getting it sanitized properly. For this, one should follow a thorough sanitization regime to decontaminate edible products. So, here are some ways in which you can disinfect your grocery and other supplements:

1. Discard the Disposable Covering As Soon As You Reach Home


For grocery that has a disposable covering, simply shift the food item to one of the vessels in your house and discard the outer covering or box. For example You have brought home a pack of corn flakes. Find a relevant vessel or sterilized glass container and empty the contents of the pack into the container. Discard the pack immediately and wash your hands.

2. Wash All Grocery Items Thoroughly


For fresh food items like vegetables, fruits and other fresh supplements wash them thoroughly with water for 20 seconds, wipe them with a clean cloth and then store. This way you will get to eat fresh and cleansed food.

For vegetables and fruits, you can also opt for washing them using soap and water. But before storing them, rinse them thoroughly and wipe with a clean cloth. Rinsing with soap and water is one of the best ways to disinfect a product. This method will ensure that the bacteria or virus staying on your groceries get killed before you consume it.

3. Leave Grocery Items Outdoors For 72 Hours


Other than this you could even leave your groceries on your porch or at a place for 72 hours and then store them inside. Make sure, whatever method you follow, you always wipe clean the surface on which you had put your groceries before disinfecting them and wash your hands.

Other Things To Do in Quarantine:

Stay Healthy, Stay Safe!

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