What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design, also called as communication design is the art of visual communication and practice of projecting ideas and experiences through employing typography, photography and illustration. A graphic design is a combination of symbols, images and text to produce creative visual representations of ideas and messages.

About Graphic Design Course

Graphic Design courses are available in varied disciplines. A course in graphic design can upgrade your innovative skills as well as result in professional development. A professional course in graphic design can develop your level of expertise in the many aspects of visual communication. You will learn principles of design which is at the core of a graphic design course. You will get to create print and digital format professional designs and gain crucial knowledge into varied domains of designing such as logo creation, image creation, branding, web designing etc. Furthermore, with a graphic design course, you can hone your skills in photoshop, illustrator, Adobe industry standard applications as well as InDesign.

Benefits of Graphic Design Course

  • You can master the ability to express your imagination and creativity to the hilt. Your imagination can act as a precursor for products and activities related to print, branding, website, magazines etc.
  • A course in graphic design opens up many opportunities in terms of different projects wherein you can explore novel methods and skills
  • A course in graphic design can help you grab work opportunities with reputed companies wherein you can enhance your portfolio through creative and strong work
  • A course in graphic design opens up opportunities in domains like advertising, website, magazines, brand identity, games and many more arenas.
  • A course in graphic design can open up a plethora of options for a freelancer who can get to work on diverse projects of varied clients


Course Outline of Graphic Design Course

Any graphic design course usually has the following components

  • Elements and Principles of Design
  • Photoshop for designers
  • Typography and Adobe Illustrator
  • Logo creation
  • Web designing
  • Print and Pre-press basics
  • Branding and Packaging
  • Advanced colour theory
  • Infographics
  • Grid Theory
  • Portfolio creation

Steps To Enroll In Online Graphic Design Course

Most of the online training companies follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Fill out an online registration form
  2. Enter your credit card details
  3. Get started with a 30-day free trial
  4. The amount will be deducted after the 30-day trial ends. However, you can always cancel your subscription if not satisfied with the course

Graphic Design Course Duration:

The course duration may vary from 4 weeks to about 16 weeks. It can also vary depending on beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of trainings. However, a professional diploma has the following duration:

  • The Diploma in Graphic Design is a usually a 16-week course comprising of 4 modules.
  • Each module comprises of 4 weeks.

Course Fee

The course fee is about Rs 3000/-  (can also vary depending on beginner, intermediate or advanced levels of trainings)

Graphic Design Course Features

Most of the online formats offer the following features:

  • Free course toolkits and study materials
  • Interactive lessons and recordings
  • Placement assistance
  • Free Webinars with Industry Experts

Online Training Companies Offering Graphic Design Course

The proliferation and penetration of internet has accorded a flexibility and convenience, wherein you can learn all the essential know-how of graphic design from the comforts of your home. There are many training firms which offer free as well as paid courses in graphic design through online media.

Some of the training companies in the online learning freebie space offering graphic design course are

  • Coursera
  • com
  • Kadenze
  • Udemy

Furthermore, you can explore online media such as You Tube videos for some great graphic design tutorials. Also, free eBooks can also be downloaded that can serve as ready reckoners.

However, if one intends to do a comprehensive professional graphic design course, then there are many training firms which offer professional graphic design courses especially in the online format.

  • edu
  • PennState World Campus
  • Skill Share
  • Shaw Academy

One noteworthy training firm from the above listed companies is Shaw Academy. The Dublin, Ireland based firm offers a diploma in web design. The internally accredited course encompasses European qualifications framework and can be availed in the online format.


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