Photography is a skill that makes one an artist, whether you are a beginner or already a pro at it, an online photography course will definitely add to your skills. As the saying goes, a photograph says a thousand words, so learning the art of picturing something through your lens is one great thing to do. Learn to make the ordinary things extraordinary through your lens with some of the best professional photography courses online.

About the Course

A professional photography course online can be pursued through a lot of websites which are specially designed to make you a professional. These courses enable the people to learn the skills through one’s comfort. Whether you are someone who wants to get a certificate or someone who just want to add to your skills, the online professional photography course is one of the most learned courses on the internet.

The courses will give you an in-depth knowledge of photography and how to handle a camera and a lens. The courses are of different durations and can be pursued according to one’s convenience. The best part is that some of the courses online are free which will make you learn a new skill by saving a lot of money.

Benefits of the Course

  • Comfortable learning at home
  • Well trained personal tutors with one on one interaction
  • A step by step guide to becoming a professional
  • 24×7 availability of the courses, so that you can study at any hour of the day or night
  • Evaluation based professional course
  • A structured system with learning modules
  • A great learning methodology divided into different modules
  • A set of practice tests, lesson studies, and quizzes
  • Downloadable course content
  • A certificate on course completion

Sites For Free Professional Photography Courses

There are certain online photography courses that come at a zero cost, so apply to those amazing free courses which will help you to know what goes on behind the camera lens. If you are a hobbyist or want to become a professional, you can still pursue these free online photography courses.

  • Peta Pixel
  • YouTube

Best Paid Professional Photography Courses

Now, if someone wants to enroll for a paid course which gives you a certificate as well as comprehensive knowledge about photography. There are many such websites which provide you online training in photography to brush up your skills or help you develop skills.

  • Shaw Academy
  • Pearl Academy
  • AAFT – School of Still Photography
  • Indian Institute of Photography

Steps to Enrol For Paid Online Photography Courses

  • Fill an online registration form with all your details
  • Enter your credit/debit card details
  • Many of the websites offer 30 days free trial
  • After the 30-day trial money will automatically get credited or you can cancel the subscription

Features of the Course

  • Theory as well as interactive sessions
  • Internationally Accredited course
  • 16 weeks duration
  • 32+ Interactive Lessons & Recordings
  • Free Course Toolkits & Study Material

Details of Course – Fees, Duration, etc.

Course Duration:

The courses offered by websites vary from time to time. If you have been enrolled for a certificate course, then it might be finished within a few weeks. However, the diploma courses may stretch up to 16 weeks because of their advanced knowledge.

Course Fee

The average course fee is Rs.3000/- which might vary from website to website.

Course Syllabus

Module 1: Introduction

This module will explain different styles of photography and how they are used as a different form of communication. It will make you take a look at various types of cameras and why you should choose one over the other.

Module 2: Creative Techniques Module

This module will help you to capture some of the sharpest images in any situation and with any lens available. It will also make you familiar with the other features of the camera as well.

Module 3: Mastering Light Module

You will learn the detailed camera histogram and how this is an essential tool for making extremely accurate exposures in any lighting conditions.

Module 4: Powerful Enhancement Module

You will be looking at how using the camera raw processive software will give you more capabilities.

So, if you want to master the art of photography, then you should definitely enroll for an online course in professional photography and explore the horizons of being behind the lens.

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