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Web designing involves planning, creating and updating of websites. It is a creative field which involves an interplay of technical and creative aspects such as information architecture, website structure, navigation ergonomics, website layout as well as icons design. These attributes work in tandem with each other to form websites.

About The Course

A website design course can be undertaken by anyone who intends to build his /her own corporate website or become a professional freelancer. Furthermore, there is a sustained demand for web designers as many corporate firms are on a lookout for skilled people who can create and update websites.

The penetration of internet has accorded such convenience that today a course in web design can be done online from the comfort of our homes. Furthermore, through the internet, we can have access to some of the world’s best trainers and faculties in the arena of web design which otherwise is not possible in the conventional classroom format.

Let’s delve into varied aspects of the web design course

Benefits Of Web Design Course

In today’s web and internet world, the scope of web designing is quite high

  • Web Development opens up a myriad of job opportunities for both fresher and experienced candidate
  • Web design is a vast field and if you are a person who dreams about a tech role that channels your creativity, then web design opens a new lucrative career path for you.
  • In recent years, top technology firms have been employing a design centric approach to get an edge over their competitors. Hence there has been an upsurge in demand for skills such as web design, UI and UX.
  • After getting skilled in web designing, you can work from home or become a professional freelancer by taking multitude of different projects from diverse companies and make good money
  • There has been a constant deluge of new technologies in the designing world which generates the need for perennial upgradations. Hence, you will never run out of work as there will be no dearth of creative projects in the web designing domain.

The internet is loaded with information which you can use to learn new skills. Similarly, there are many online channels and platforms from where you can avail some free know-how about web design. Some of these online sites are:

  • Coursera
  • Alison.com
  • Edx.org
  • MIT OpenCourseWare

Furthermore, online media such as You Tube videos, free eBooks can also be downloaded that can serve as ready reckoners.

However, if one intends to do a comprehensive professional web design course, then there are many training firms which offer professional web designing courses especially in the online format.

One such noteworthy training firm is Shaw Academy. The Dublin, Ireland based firm offers a diploma in web design. The internally accredited course encompasses European qualifications framework and can be availed in the online format.

Steps To Enroll In Course

  1. Fill out an online registration form
  2. Enter your credit card details
  3. Get started with a 30-day free trial

Salient Features of the Course

  • Complete access to course material
  • 32 +Interactive Lessons & Recordings with Student Chat
  • Offline Videos & Mobile Toolkit
  • EQF Level 5 Global Certification

Course Duration

  • The Diploma in Web Design is a 16-week course comprising of 4 modules.
  • Each module comprises of 4 weeks.

Course Fee

Rs 3000/- (Each module is charged at Rs 1000/ month with module 1 being free of cost)

Course Syllabus

Module I: Introduction

This introductory module can be availed for free in the 30-day free trial offer from Shaw Academy. It delves into topics such as HTML and CSS, Responsive web design, libraries, frameworks etc.

Module II : Web 3.0 – All About Semantics Semester

This module contains topics like HTML5 and CSS3 extended, Mobile first design and portfolio website.

Module III : Building with Bootstrap

This module covers the bootstrap framework and bootstrap extended, HTML Club 3.0 as well as bootstrap templates.

Module IV : Working with WordPress

The module covers WordPress content management system, building company website,editing templates and plugins and much more.

Course Delivery Methodology

  • The bi-weekly classes are divided into theory lessons and practical lessons.
  • Learn new skills and share your work in the theory lessons with fellow students from across the world that can further enhance your designing know-how.
  • The practical lessons are application webinars which are very interactive and often student led.

The professional diploma in web design is a fantastic opportunity for anybody who wants to enter the fascinating and creative world of web design/development arena.

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