About Booking.com

A subsidiary of the United States based Booking Holdings, Booking.com is a travel aggregator that operates on an international level. The website offers accommodations, flight bookings, car rentals, bookings for tours & activities and services like taxis for airport. Operating across numerous destinations in 227 countries and regions worldwide, the website offers budget hotels that can be booked easily and quickly without any booking fee.

Travelling cheap isn’t really that hard a task. If you just know a couple of hacks, then you’re set for the trip.

  1. Don’t take a cab everywhere you go. Travel by public transport or even hire bicycles, this will drastically reduce your cost.
  2. Eat cheap. There are probably a ton of restaurants that the locals love and are incredibly cheap. Find these instead of the touristy ones.
  3. Book student hostels or similarly cheap stays! You’ll save a fortune.

Here’s how Booking.com offers to help you there.

How to find the cheapest hotels on Booking.com?

To find the cheapest hotels on Booking.com, all you have to do is:

  1. Visit CashKaro
  2. Search for the Booking.com store page
  3. Browse through the booking.com coupon codes available on the website
  4. Choose the coupon of your choice from numerous booking.com offers
  5. Click on Activate Cashback or copy a booking.com coupon code
  6. Book the accommodation normally

Why CashKaro?

CashKaro has the largest database of coupon codes for Booking.com and for 1500+ other top retailers across categories. Not just this, CashKaro offers you Cashback and Rewards on all the brands associated with them. This Cashback/Reward is provided over and above any existing retailer discounts and offers allowed on the booking/purchase. Further the user can even transfer this cashback into their bank account or redeem the rewards in the form of Flipkart/Amazon gift vouchers.

Let us suppose, you visit Booking.com and wish to book a hotel in Northern Goa. The price of this hotel is Rs.6,000 approximately. The retailer allows a discount of 50% on your booking for that place. This means that the final price of this hotel for you is approximately Rs.3,000.

Now assume that you visit CashKaro and pick out your favorite Booking.com offer on hotels. You click on Activate Cashback and select the same property as above. Apart from getting a retailer discount of 50% on your booking, you even get a great percentage of cashback into your CashKaro account. The hotel which normally costed you somewhere around Rs.3,000 will now be available to you at an even lower price.

Guess what’s better then?

📢 Hungry for more deals? Visit CashKaro stores for best cashback deals & online products to save up to ₹15,000 per month. Download the app - Android & iOS to get free ₹25 bonus Cashback!
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