Before we get started on decoding the steps to achieve a flawless finish with foundation, here’s a truth:

Unless you are opting for a sheer coverage in a foundation, people can see (especially those into makeup) that you have applied foundation if they are just a few meters away. You may think that the concept of skin-like foundation exists because of the edited pictures posted by bloggers and makeup artists today but this clearly isn’t the case. A natural finish in foundation means that it has been well-matched and well-applied.  

If your foundation makes your skin look worse, it might be a good idea to follow the below listed steps before you start playing blame games with your foundation:

Do not rush over with prepping your face

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Washing face and slapping some moisturizer does not equal to a perfectly prepped skin. There’s much more to it. Spend a good 15-20 minutes on preparing your skin for applying foundation. Wash your face with a gentle cleanser that does not strip off every moisture bit from your face. Pat it dry. Spray a facial mist on your face and apply a face cream meant for your skin type on top. This way, your skin will absorb the moisturizing ingredients in a much better manner. Massage it gently in small, circular motions and give it 5 minutes to get absorbed completely. In the meanwhile, apply your eye cream also, using your ring finger lightly. You don’t want your foundation looking all crinkly and dry on your under-eye area.

Pro tip: If you have an oily skin type, use a gel-based moisturizer in matte finish or water-based moisturizer because of the light texture they have.

Do not forgo the primer

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 2

Primers are in the list of top contenders of makeup for a reason. From reducing pore size to illuminating skin to forming a smooth layer on skin, primers are real effective. If you have a combination skin type, it is best to use two different types of primers. Using a matte primer on the dry side doesn’t make any sense, right? This might look like a cumbersome task to you but then the results will be worth it!

Pro tip: Find out here that what kind of makeup primer is best suited for you.

Concealer before foundation

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 3

Think of this scenario:

You applied foundation and now realize that your medium coverage foundation can’t cover your scar completely. So, now you top it off with a concealer which not just moves your base but also starts to pile up. The end result is cakey.

Be it blemishes or dark circles, let the concealer take care of these issues first. If you have a lot of blemishes and want to cover them up completely, opt for a full-coverage concealer with a creamy texture. Pat it on the problematic areas. Now, use a foundation in sheer finish to make your skin look even.

Pro tip: If you have heavy dark circles, a full coverage concealer will help only if you neutralize the bluish-purple undertones using a yellow/orange based corrector. To minimize redness, use a green corrector before you use concealer.

You cannot skip the blush

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 4

You must be thinking, “How the hell on earth is blush going to help me make my foundation look natural?” Here’s the answer: Blush will help you sport that perfect natural flush which a face sans makeup has. The trick is to apply blush before you proceed with applying foundation. This is a widely used trick in the books of makeup artists. Ensure to use a cream blush as the texture of powder blush will clash with liquid foundation.

Pro tip: If you have an oily skin type, choose a cream blush formula which does not have a dewy finish. Otherwise, it will only contribute to the shine.

Start with little

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 5

It is easy to go overboard with foundation which is why it is recommended to start with small quantity. You can always build up the coverage if you need more but you cannot reverse the disaster of piled up foundation. Not without removing it completely and washing your face.

The right tool makes all the difference

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 6

To create a highly natural and flawless finish, prefer brushes and sponges over your fingers. And, we are not talking about getting away with just any tool. Real techniques buffing brush is amazing as it helps blend in the foundation completely and also blurs large pores. This helps in creating an air-brushed finish. Another tool we can think of is beauty blender which is a unique makeup sponge. Considering its cost, you might want to opt for Real Techniques miracle complexion sponge which also does the job of creating a natural finish effectively.

Pro tip: Spray facial mist on your brush or sponge to keep the moisture sealed in. This will prevent the formation of dry patches.

Set using loose powder

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 7

Loose powders have a much finely milled texture as compared to pressed powders. Use a translucent powder to set your makeup and ensure that you don’t go over-board with it. Carry a pressed powder for touch-ups.

Pro tip: Touching up using only pressed powder can cause breakouts as well as flakiness. Blot away excess oil using oil blotting sheets first and then, follow up with pressed powder.

Seal with a setting spray

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 8

This last step will change the makeup game for you entirely. If you can still see some powdery bits on your face, the setting spray will take it all down. A good makeup setting spray like NYX setting spray in matte finish won’t just stop your makeup from melting throughout the day but will also contribute in making your foundation look natural.

Pro tip: If you don’t want to use a setting spray on a daily basis because of obvious reasons, you can also follow up with a facial mist. After a minute, just pat your face lightly using your hands.

Formula matters!

How to Get the Most Natural Finish with Foundation- 9

If your foundation still isn’t looking the natural best, change the formula. Liquid foundations are said to give the best natural finish. If you are a beginner or hardly have any imperfections to cover, go with sheer finish. Otherwise medium-full coverage foundations will be your top bet. Foundations with satin finish give a neat finish. If you have dry skin, you can also afford to use serum before foundation application to have that warm luminosity. You can also go with foundations that are enriched with hydrating oils.

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