Diwali is just around the corner and we’re sure your preparations are well underway. Lists with separate columns for gifts to buy, clothes to wear and parties to attend are probably made and being religiously followed. Amidst all the excitement and anticipation for the best and the most colorful night of the year, let’s not forget that the words ‘festival of lights’ have also come to mean ‘festival of pollution’. This year, let’s do something different? This time round, let’s Go Green.

Why Should You Go Green?

Each year, we see a lot of television commercials and print ads that urge us to give crackers a miss and find other, environmentally responsible to celebrate the festival. But, unfortunately, the pollution levels continue to rise each year with the advent of this day.


What A Green Diwali Entails

A Green Diwali consists of little changes that you can make to your yearly festive routine to make it a bit healthier for you and the planet. Here’s how:

Avoid Plastic Packaging – The plastic wrapping papers that choke the environment need to go. With so many gifts being given and being received, think of how much of a difference opting for eco-friendly wrapping ideas will make. Go for recycled paper, cloth gift wraps or reusable paper bags and be a part of the change.


Light Diyas – The homecoming night of Lord Ram after 14 years of exile and victory over the vicious Ravana was illuminated with beautiful earthen lanterns or diyas and not rows and rows of electricity consuming lights. Go back to the basics and shop for eco-friendly diyas here or make your own at home.


If you still want atleast some lighting, opt for lights that consume less energy and are safer for the environment like those from Orient Electric.

Natural Flowers – The faux-flowers that have become popular these days are made from harmful plastics and honestly do not even look very good. The scent and colors that natural flowers will bestow upon your home is unmatched. You can even use petals in your rangoli instead of synthetic colors.


Healthy Gifting Choices – Every gifting list for Diwali consists of sweets and chocolates. This year, try not to go around spreading diabetes among your loved ones and opt for healthier options. Buying herbal products like hand-made candles, organic-gift baskets or even herbal beauty products will be appreciated by your relative and the environment. You can shop The Body Shop products online to save money and the peace of your neighborhood.


Say No To Crackers – You’ve heard it about a million times but seriously, just stay away from crackers. They create noise pollution, air pollution, injure people, are manufactured using child labor and they scare our pets. Indulge in other fun stuff like baking cookies or cakes, making your own candles or spending a day of fun and food with family.

They wait for the spark in your eyes. They like to see you smile. And they absolutely LOVE to have you around. How about you show your furry buddies some love too this #Diwali2016. Have a #PAWsitive Diwali

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Be Good, Do Good – Let Diwali 2016 be about lighting up the lives of those who are underprivileged. Recycle, donate, feed the poor and spread some cheer. You’ll end up bringing smiles to a lot of faces, especially yours.


There is no reason why a quiet Diwali cannot be a blast. This year, let’s wish Mother Earth a very Happy Diwali!

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