How to Grow Hair Faster? Best Tips for Long Hair

Loosing 100 strands of hairs a day is normal but losing a tremendous amount of hair rings an alarm bell. Sudden climate change or health issues can be the reasons that might cause hair fall and is considered normal. However, a sudden increase in hair fall can be disturbing. Before jumping into some simple hair growing tips but first educate yourself the reasons for hair fall that will help you treat this condition best.

Simple Tips To Grow Hair Faster

Make Your Hair Grow Fast With These 8 Simple Tips

Massage Your Scalp

  • Apply warm oil to your scalp and massage gently. This will, in turn, promote blood flow and help stimulate hair follicles and help prevent hair loss. Know more about how to stop hair fall if you are one facing sudden hair loss.
  • While shampooing or conditioning, rub your fingers on your scalp in a circular motion for 5 to 6 minutes for promoting blood circulation.

Use Mild Shampoos and Conditioners

  • Mild shampoos do wonder to your hair. Washing your hair thrice a week is good for healthy scalp and hair. However, using harsh shampoos every single time might strip out natural oils from your hair. It is recommended to use the best mild shampoos that will maintain scalp’s pH level.

Use Castor Oil with Essential Oils

  • Castor Oil is rich in Vitamin E and other essential fatty acids that promote hair growth naturally.
  • Add essential oil like peppermint, eucalyptus, rosemary, lavender, thyme oil to Castor oil to obtain the best results

Flip Your Hair Upside Down

  • Flipping your hair upside down will help improve blood circulation. This is a very popular trick and is believed to do wonders. If you need some simple techniques to grow healthy hair

Apply Egg Masks

  • Eggs are beneficial for hair growth. They are full of proteins and contain other nutrients like iron, zinc, phosphorus, selenium that’s beneficial for your hair.
  • Mix a drop of essential oil to your egg mask and apply it on your hair. Leave it for half an hour and see the difference. Following simple home remedies for hair fall treatment will ensure healthy and voluminous hair.
  • Add extra virgin oil and half lemon juice to your egg mask and apply on scalp

Treat Your Hair Right

  • Hair problems like dandruff, hair fall, and damaged hair should be treated well with the right products that cater to the needs of your hair. We suggest you use the best anti-dandruff shampoos containing certain ingredients that control itchy scalp and dandruff. Similarly, for other hair issues use the suitable products to treat them the best.

Avoid Unnecessary Stress

  • Stay stress-free. It is said that stress can drastically alter normal hair growth cycle. Do meditation and relaxing techniques and be sure to get good sleep as the growth hormone is released during sleep.

Eat a Balanced Diet

  • The right diet for hair growth includes food rich in vitamins, proteins, and minerals are essential for growing healthy hair. Vitamin B complex, in particular, is extremely important for making your hair grow fast hence, including yogurt, cheese, milk, eggs, brown bread, bell pepper, parsley, oats, cabbage etc. Also drinking fresh fruit and vegetable juices such as grapefruit, orange, carrot, lettuce, and beetroot juice will help nourish your scalp and hair.

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