Top Restaurants To Order Healthy Food At Uber Eats

We all are stuck at home due to the Novel Coronavirus and while there’s no doubt about it that being at home is the best way to prevent it from spreading more than it already has, one of the things that has got most of us worried is how to build our immune system and stay healthy without putting on excess weight.

Grofers offers to deliver essentials to your home so that you don’t stress eat and compromise with your health. So keep the Grofers promo codes handy.

Read on to know what all you can include in your diet to stay healthy and fit during this quarantine:

Early morning

Make sure to start your day early and have some amla juice (which can be bought at low prices on Grofers) or if you are a fan of home remedies, then go ahead and have a crushed garlic clove with lukewarm water.


You can stock on some readymade mixes like idli, dosa or make yourself a besan and ragi cheela with some coriander chutney. You can also alternate between egg whites, sandwiches and other light options. If you are a tea lover then go ahead and enjoy it with your light and healthy breakfast.


Have some fruits, salad or dry fruits or make some lassi or chhach to beat the heat! You can also buy packaged buttermilk from Grofers.


Go for some roti, rice and yummy veggies coupled with pickles or you can get frozen peas from Grofers to make pulao.

Post – Lunch

Make sure to rest for a while and have some lemon water (without sugar or salt) to help with the digestion as no outdoor activity can lead to digestion problems.

Evening Snack

Have some tea and enjoy light snacks or dry fruits with your loved ones. You can also experiment and try smoothies made from veggies and fruits for a change.


Make sure to have an early dinner and to include greens (or preferably include all the colours) in your meal and 2 rotis to keep it light.

Post – Dinner

After an hour or two, have a glass of milk with turmeric or pepper to give a boost to the immune system in the old-fashioned way!

So sign up for some hobby classes online and stick to this healthy diet during quarantine! You don’t need to step out as Grofers offers to deliver all the essentials to your doorstep! Don’t forget to save some bucks using Grofers coupons listed on CashKaro!

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