Food allergies, though common among many people these days, are a serious and severely life-threatening matter that needs to be taken care of as soon as one detects them. One such condition occurs if you have Peanut Allergy.

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What Is Peanut Allergy?

An allergic response of the body when it comes in contact with peanuts is known as Peanut Allergy. It generally occurs as a reaction to your immune system identifying peanut proteins as something harmful. Direct Contact, Cross Contact and Inhalation of Peanut or peanut products trigger this reaction. The level of severity, though, can differ from person to person.

Symptoms That Show If You’re Allergic To Peanuts

1. Mild Symptoms

  • Itchy Skin
  • Hives
  • Small spots and scars appearing on the Skin
  • Itching sensation near or inside mouth and throat
  • Runny or Congested Nose
  • Nausea

2. Noticeable Signs

  • Swollen Lips, Tongue, Face & Limbs
  • Breathlessness & Wheezing
  • Stomach Cramps
  • Vomiting
  • Anxiety
  • Changes in behaviour
  • Diarrhea

3. Severe Reaction – Anaphylaxis

  • Swollen Throat
  • The sudden drop in Blood Pressure
  • Loss of Consciousness or Dizziness
  • Racing Pulse

If you experience any/all of these symptoms after eating Peanuts or Peanut Products, consult a doctor immediately.

Some Ways To Check If You’re Allergic To The Food Item

  • If there is a doubt that peanuts may be causing the above mentioned changes in your body, consult your doctor. Possibly your doctor will recommend you an Elimination Diet – a diet wherein your doctor asks you to refrain from the suspected food items for about a week or so and if there are any changes, eventually add the items back in your diet, one at a time. The process can help you find out the foods causing allergy.
  • At times, the doctors also conduct a blood test to check your immune system’s response to particular food items. This helps finds out the amount of allergy antibodies that are present in your blood.
  • Other than this you can even place a very small amount of food on the skin. If your skin reacts to the food, like forming a bump, it shows you are allergic to that particular food item.

Buying Peanuts

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