We, the good folk at CashKaro.com simply love giving you extra Cashback. That’s why we’ll do just about anything to help you save as much as much as possible on everything you buy online. So much so that we’ve made a list of tips and tricks to help you save more every time you shop through CashKaro. *Drum Roll* Here we go…

Compare Prices

We’ve got Amazon, Flipkart, Jabong and over 1500 top retailers – All on one site! So, whatever you’re buying, come to CashKaro and see who’s selling it for the lowest price.  No matter what you buy and where you buy from, we’ll give you Extra Cashback on top of all other discounts.


Break ‘Em Up

Your orders, we mean. You see, More Orders = More Cashback. So if you want to buy 2 or more things from the same retailer, take a step back and don’t buy them in one go. Instead order each item individually – it’s a little extra effort but the Cashback is worth it! Just make sure the price of each product meets the minimum order value needed for Cashback.

Follow Us

Not like in a creepy stalker way! All we’re saying is that our Facebook and Twitter accounts are pretty active. We post the best discounts and Cashback deals from CashKaro there directly. Follow us and you’ll never miss out on another crazy discount ever again!

Keep Up With CashKaro

If you visit our homepage, you’ll find the most popular deals divided by categories. These pages are updated DAILY and you can stay up to date with the highest discounts running on Fashion, Travel, Food, Beauty and more. So, come back every day and see what’s hot.


Don’t Cheat On Us

Firstly, because we love you too much! Secondly, because if you visit other deals and coupons sites after you’ve clicked out from CashKaro, we won’t be able to track your order! Long story short – you’ll lose out on your Cashback. So, stick with us and we’ll make it worth your while.

Count On Us

When you lose your Cashback, we lose our sleep! So, our customer support unit works all day to make sure you have a good shopping experience. If you have any trouble, call us at 8527264999 or send an email with your order details to contact@cashkaro.com

Tell Your Friends

Finally, we’ve got a super-profitable referral program that you must make the most of. Invite your friends to CashKaro.com and you will get 10% of their Cashback FOR LIFE. So, every time they shop, you get paid!


Awesome right?  CLICK HERE TO START SHOPPING, the Cashback’s on us 🙂

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