How to Pair Your Blouse Bra with Western Wear

model wearing black lace blouse bra

Blouse bras are a special kind of bras or bralettes that Zivame offers. They can be worn under a saree blouse or as a blouse for a saree by itself. But other than using it just for sarees, blouse bras can also be paired with western wear and we’re going to show you how.


Depending on the type of neckline and back design, blouse bras can be worn with most kinds of tops, except for tube tops, off-shoulder tops, halter neck tops and spaghetti strap tops. They are perfect for cold shoulder tops, crop tops and sleeveless tops. You can also pair certain blouse bras with tank tops, provided the width of the blouse bra and the width of the tank top match. Get Zivame coupons on the purchase of blouse bras!


Since most blouse bras are padded, they are ideal to wear under dresses. They provide great support for body con dresses, A-line dresses, cocktail dresses, high low dresses, maxis, minis and midis. Just make sure that the sleeves and back design of the dress and the bra align. Blouse bras are suitable for all kinds of fabrics.


Forget sports bras, you can now wear blouse bras under T-shirts too! They’re comfy and provide adequate coverage and support. You can wear blouse bras of any design with T-shirts. Use Zivame discount codes to get unbelievable discounts on blouse bras!


You can pair blouse bras with shirts too as long as the shirt fabric is completely non-see through. But if the fabric is thin and slightly see-through, then, you might have to wear a tank top over the blouse bra. Alternatively, instead of wearing a tank top under your shirt, you could wear a blazer over it. Try both and see what works best for you because the result varies from fabric to fabric.


As with dresses, blouses bras are great to wear with jumpsuits too. Be it a straight jumpsuit, a playsuit, a blazer jumpsuit or any other type, you can wear blouse bras underneath them. Just remember the golden rule- no strapless, one finger strap or off-shoulder sleeves. Check out Zivame offers on different blouse bras!

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