The Bagudi game is a version of Texas hold’em poker where the players get four cards instead of five. In Texas hold ’em players win if they have a sequence of cards in the same suit or cards of the same rank but in Badugi game a player needs to have the lowest number of cards in different suits to win.

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How to Play Badugi – The GamePlay

  • The dealer deals 4 cards to all the players clockwise in a discrete manner
  • This is followed by a betting round where each player bets a minimum which is bigger than the big blind
  • Each player gets 3 turns to improve their hand by drawing cards from the pile
  • Each player mentions the number of cards he requires and discards the same number after picking them up
  • Discard pile faces down and players can also choose to discard no cards
  • After everyone has drawn cards, there is a new betting round. The size of the bet is doubled after each round
  • After all drawing rounds, the final showdown occurs. If only one player remains, he takes the pot
  • If more than one remains, the final bet and card hand decides who takes the pot
  • The pot is split in case of a tie

Value of Cards in Badugi Game

  • Any hand with fewer cards is better than more cards
  • The hand with the lower ranking card is better in case of equal number of cards at showdown
  • There is no ranking of suits. Only the number of cards and individual card rank determine the winner in Badugi

Tips & Tricks to Win Badugi Game

  • Badugi is a game which rewards patience just like poker so the player must assess his position clearly and only then discard and draw.
  • It is very difficult to improve a Badugi hand quickly so if a player has a low tow card Badugi or even a three card Badugi he must go all the way to the showdown

Where To Play Badugi Online?

If Badugi game has intrigued and you want to play immediately, here are some websites where you can do so immediately.

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