What is Razz Poker

Razz Poker is a variant of poker in which the lowest hand wins.  A lot of people call it seven card stud upside down.  It is a high interest, high stakes game enjoyed by pros and novices alike. If you would like to try your hand at Razz Poker, read on to find out the gameplay and some tips to win the game.

Values in Razz Poker

  • Straight and Flushes don’t count
  • The best hand is Ace 2,3,4,5

Game Play: How to Play Razz Poker

  • The dealer button moves from player to player with each round
  • Everyone pays an ante which is ten percent of the big bet before getting the cards
  • Three cards are dealt with all players with two facing down and one facing up
  • The face-up card is also known as the door card
  • The player with the worst door card starts the betting and since the lowest hand wins so the worst possible door card is a king
  • If two players have kings then the suits will decide who starts the betting
  • Suits in descending order are spade, hearts, diamond clubs
  • The player can either ‘bring it’ which is to pay as much as the ante or make a small bet which is five times the ante
  • The ante is always 10 percent of the big bet
  • The other players can either meet the amount the first player has put in or fold
  • After this round of betting which is called the third street, all players receive another card face up
  • Now the player with the worst door two pair has to start the betting and it starts with the small bet
  • In the next two round players receive two more cards faced up and the bets are made start the big bet
  • The last round or also called the seventh street begins and each player receives a card face down
  • From these cards, players have to make a five card low hand and the one with the lowest hand wins

Tips and Tricks To Win Razz Poker

  • Pay attention to face up cards of other players which can help you predict what low hand they can make
  • Don’t rely on your face down cards past 5th street, if you have high a lot of high face-up cards then your chances of winning are really low

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Where To Play Razz Poker Online?

Try your skills online on Razz Poker and play for money at these websites:

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