How To Redeem Your JPMiles? Learn How To Earn, Use & Convert JPMiles?

Jet Privilege and JPMiles

Like the world has its Frequent Flyer program, India has Jet Privilege. Members under this program can enjoy exclusive benefits and perks by earning and redeeming their JP miles. This guide is a simple way to understand all you need to know about JP miles and how to use them.

What Are JPMiles

JP miles are a reward system that are offered to Jet Privilege members. Many airline and co-branded cards offer a certain amount of JP miles when you use those credit cards in various ways. There are many ways to earn these JP miles. The simplest way to understand what they are is to think of them like a currency. Each time you spend rupees you earn JP miles.

How To Redeem Your JPMiles?

There are several ways you can use or redeem your miles by visiting the redeem section on

  • Get free one-way tickets with the base fair waived to domestic and international destinations
  • Upgrade your class (Economy to Premier and etc.)
  • Gift or transfer your JP miles to friends and family members
  • Shop at the JP reward store for electronics, apparel and several other categories
  • Use JP miles to enjoy lifestyle benefits

Know more about converting JP mile and the conversion rate here 

How to earn JPMiles?

  • By using partner credit cards like Jet Airways American Express Card (Get an American Express Card Now)
  • Become a Jet Privilege member
  • Booking Jet Airways flights (Earn JP miles as per distance and class of ticket etc.)
  • Spending on retail, dining and lifestyle partners
  • Booking tickets with airline partners
  • Convert your credit card rewards into JP miles
  • Bookings made at partner hotels

There are many credit cards that offer exciting reward points. The reward system is designed especially for those who travel a lot. You can not only enrich your travel experience but also make it more affordable.

Can I Transfer my JPMiles?

Yes! You can either buy JPMiles for your friends & family or even transfer them from your account to theirs. JetPrivilege Members can transfer their JPMiles to any one with a JetPrivilege membership.

How Many JP Miles Do I Need?

You need a minimum of 3500 JPMiles to redeem them. For the shortest flight within India, you need 4000 JPMiles.

How To Buy JP Miles?

You can Buy JPMiles to travel to your favourite destination. Simply top-up your JetPrivilege account by buying JPMiles where 1 JPMile = 1.25 Rs (INR). You need to spend a minimum of Rs. 500 and thereafter you can purchase in multiples of INR 100 by paying though an online payment gateway.

Can I Convert my JPMiles to Cash?

Nope. JPMiles cannot be converted to cash and transferred to your account. You can however use these JPMiles to book Award flights with Jet Airways and enjoy all the perks mentioned above in the how to redeem section.

Do My JPMiles Expire?

Ideally your JPMiles are subject to expiry. However, if you have one eligible activity in the past 18 months from your account, your JPMiles are secure and not subject to expiry.

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